DiscoverScrew The Commute Podcast160 - The tools I use to run my business: Tom talks My Resources
160 - The tools I use to run my business: Tom talks My Resources

160 - The tools I use to run my business: Tom talks My Resources

Update: 2019-07-29


I’m going to tell you about the myriad of resources, both services and products, I use to run my business. And full transparency here, I may get affiliate commission on some of these things, but you can be darn sure I won’t recommend anything that sucks just to get a commission. I’m not going to ruin my reputation for a few bucks. I’m also going to tell you about a bunch of the free and paid resources that I’ve created.

Screw The Commute Podcast Show Notes Episode 160

How To Automate Your Business -

Internet Marketing Training Center -

Higher Education Webinar –

04:26 Tom's introduction to My Resources

06:03 Password management

08:40 Email management

10:15 Website stuff

11:57 Membership sites

12:46 Building Wordpress websites

19:14 Shopping cart systems

22:07 Podcast stuff

23:51 Search engine stuff

24:49 Keyword Research

28:05 Photo manipulation and graphics

29:28 Social media automation

30:20 Chatbots

32:05 Video research

33:47 Video production

35:25 Camtasia

38:37 Storage offsite

38:48 Miscellaneous stuff

49:03 Sponsor message

Entrepreneurial Resources Mentioned in This Podcast

Higher Education Webinar -

Screw The Commute -

Screw The Commute Podcast App -

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How To Automate Your Business -

Internet Marketing Retreat and Joint Venture Program -

Resources -

Tom Antion Webinars -

Roboform -

1Password -

Rackspace -

Verio -

Hostek -

Liquid Web -

MemberGate -

Wishlist -

Happy Plugins -

Thrive Themes -

Kick Start Cart -

AWeber -

Savicom -

arpReach -

Mailchimp -

Libsyn -

Adobe Audition -

Internet Audio Guy -

Search Engine News -

Keywords Everywhere -

Google Keyword Planner -

Google Trends -

Ipiccy -

Buffer Stories Creator -

Canva -

Adobe Photoshop -

MeetEdgar -

Audiense -

ManyChat -

Tubesift -

Final Cut Pro -

Vegas Video Editing -

iMovie -

Camtasia -

Animoto -

VideoFX -

Handbrake -

Sonic Fire -

Video Maker magazine -

Dropbox -

iCloud -

Google Drive -

Chromecast -

Roku TV -

Amazon Fire TV -

Vimeo -

Fresh Title - -

Teamviewer -

Zoom -

Skype -

Loom -

Zello -

Microsoft Security Essentials -

Reflector 3 -

Cool Timer -

Hybrid Webinars -

All in One SEO
Yoast SEO
Broken Link Checker
Pretty Links
Really Simple SSL
Thrive Architect
Simple Podcast Press
Simple Podcast Player

Internet Marketing Training Center -

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160 - The tools I use to run my business: Tom talks My Resources

160 - The tools I use to run my business: Tom talks My Resources

Tom Antion