DiscoverThe Jordan Harbinger Show161: Feedback Friday | How to Support a Friend Suffering from Addiction
161: Feedback Friday | How to Support a Friend Suffering from Addiction

161: Feedback Friday | How to Support a Friend Suffering from Addiction

Update: 2019-02-145


Jordan Harbinger (@JordanHarbinger) and Jason DeFillippo (@jpdef) banter and take your comments and questions for Feedback Friday right here every week!

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On This Week's Feedback Friday, We Discuss:

  • Is your passively stoic expression (aka resting bitch face) getting you turned down for promotions? Here's some advice for turning down the Spock and cranking up the rock.

  • How can you reduce stress and have a social life when your deadly serious job requires you to be on call 24/7/365?

  • In trying new ways to strike up conversations without coming across as having a motive or being awkward, how do you spot the line you shouldn't cross?

  • Are you missing out on life by not spending as much time and energy on your relationships and friendships in your 20s because you're so focused on personal development?

  • For a year and a half, Your drug-abusing friend's been cut out of your life for ignoring the help you offered. Now he's in rehab and you don't feel much like re-engaging. Are you being selfish?

  • You're understandably skittish about taking your dog out after he was attacked and severely injured by a bigger, unleashed dog. How can you reintroduce him to socializing, get the irresponsible owner to cover vet expenses, and prevent this from happening in the future?

  • Is working for your significant other's brother's business -- even though you're not really qualified yet -- an opportunity or trouble waiting to happen? There are many issues at stake here, not the least of which is: what happens if you break up?

  • Are cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies still relevant in 2019?

  • Pro Tip: If you use AT&T, download the AT&T Call Protect app, which crowdsources spam and robocaller information.

  • Recommendation of the Week: Inside The Mossad

  • Quick shoutout to Mitchell Smith!

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Meg Sellers

Hi guys. In regards to your feedback Friday episode 161 about the dog attack inquiry (don't worry I'm not here to berate anyone). I wanted to bring to your attention that stun guns are an excellent deterrent and form of protection from predators of the human type but should a dog be shocked by one it can actually cause the dog to be more aggressive (I've experienced this with my dog) because they do not understand where the pain is coming from. Also, stun guns are (unfortunately) illegal in some cities and states. I carry with me an air horn when hiking/walking my dog in secluded areas to scare away wildlife that may approach or attack myself and my dog. Not only is it safer but it is cheaper and more effective (I also do carry a type of pepper spray in addition). I do agree that many, many people do not know how to train a dog let alone own one but as an owner of a dog that is always ready to attack another dog (out of protection) I am not an a-hole. I know you were using a generalized reference but please know that some dogs are very challenging to train. I work with my dog on a daily basis and have come very far in training but he is far from being a calm and submissive dog. I have however learned his triggers and am very aware of our surrounding when out and about. I carefully plan our walks and never put him in a situation that is vulnerable to an attack occurring. Just wanted to put that out because there are a lot of dog owners like me (who have a very reactive dog) who do more than their best to help their dogs life a good life. I adore your show and always look forward to the next episode. Thanks for listening. -Owner of a crazy "dog"

Mar 29th
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Andrew G

JUST thanks so much for what you do. FYI the Google phone app and T-Mobile also have SPAM blocking capabilities for robo calls.

Feb 26th
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Thanks Jordan, Jason, and Jen. You guys are an amazing team and you’ve definitely given me so much perspective in life and otherwise. I appreciate this show so much. When or if you start hosting bootcamps, I’ll be the first customer. Have a great three day weekend!

Feb 17th
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161: Feedback Friday | How to Support a Friend Suffering from Addiction

161: Feedback Friday | How to Support a Friend Suffering from Addiction

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