DiscoverSuperFeast Podcast#162 Superior Di Dao Sourcing From China with Mason Taylor
#162 Superior Di Dao Sourcing From China with Mason Taylor

#162 Superior Di Dao Sourcing From China with Mason Taylor

Update: 2022-05-24


One of the most common questions we get from customers new to SuperFeast is, Why do we source our Mushrooms from China? The answer is simple and rooted in integrity and hundreds of years of ancient Daoist philosophy; Di Dao. 

Di Dao is the concept of growing herbs in their spiritual and native homeland; The preferred environment, atmospheric energy, pressure, and altitude required to grow and thrive. When tonic herbs and mushrooms are grown Di Dao, they deliver their intended spiritual intention and potency to the body. Contrastingly when herbs or mushrooms are not grown Di Dao and are instead grown on grain, oats, or even wood- away from their natural environment, they inevitably lack quality and their innate energetic potency. 

In today's episode, we're answering ALL your questions plus more as Mason travels through China, visiting the pristine mountains and valleys where SuperFeast grows and forages its Di Dao tonic herbs and medicinal mushrooms. You can hear the reverence and awareness in Mason's voice as he discusses the lineage of Daoism and the wisdom that has been handed down from the ancient shamanic Daoists to ensure the knowledge, healing, and essence of these revered herbs, is not lost. You will learn about the philosophies of tonic herbalism and shamanic Daoism, wild foraging, the conscious farming operations of SuperFeast medicinal mushrooms and tonics, and why we are so proud to grow our herbs Di Dao. Tune in for all of this and more. 


Mason discusses:


-Meteria medica.

-Di Dao philosophy.

-How herbs are classified.

-What are Inferior herbs?

-What are superior herbs?

-What is wild and semi-wild crafting?

-How SuperFeast herbs are sourced.

-The preventative approach to health.

-How to grow the best schisandra and Chaga.

-How Traditional Chinese Medicine lost its way.

-Shamanic Daoist style of herbalism and its origins.

-Why mushrooms grown on grain or oats are inferior.

-How to make a herb more adaptogenic through conscious farming.


Mason Taylor 

Mason Taylor is the CEO/Founder of SuperFeast and a renowned tonic herbalist. On a soul mission to bring people back to their body and nature while bursting through dogma, he shares passionately and uniquely in his workshops, podcast, and content on how to cultivate healing and potentiation through health sovereignty. An expert in Daoist tonic herbalism, Mason has helped tens of thousands of people globally discover medicinal mushrooms, adaptogenic tonic herbs, and the healing philosophy from which they emerged. Mason is also a budding comedian; bursting the bubble on the “health scene” with his antics.








Lion's Mane

Eucommia bark




Shen Nong The Divine farmer's Materia Medica



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The Daoist Brains: Who Are The Dao and What Is Their Philosophy? 


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#162 Superior Di Dao Sourcing From China with Mason Taylor

#162 Superior Di Dao Sourcing From China with Mason Taylor