DiscoverThe Jordan Harbinger Show163: Todd Herman | The Alter Ego Effect
163: Todd Herman | The Alter Ego Effect

163: Todd Herman | The Alter Ego Effect

Update: 2019-02-2129


Todd Herman (@todd_herman) is an entrepreneur, coach, mentor, and author of The Alter Ego Effect: The Power of Secret Identities to Transform Your Life.

What We Discuss with Todd Herman:

  • How you can harness the power of your own secret identity -- and why you would ever want to.

  • What it takes to adopt seemingly out-of-character characteristics and dominate your personal and professional life.

  • Why taking on an alter ego isn't a "fake it 'til you make it" scheme, but channeling little-used facets of yourself you may not even realize exist.

  • The hidden enemy forces that oppose your attempts at accomplishment and how to resist their subtle and not-so-subtle influences.

  • How to honestly understand and come to terms with what truly motivates you -- and deal with what keeps you from following these motivations.

  • And much more...

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Comments (6)

Riley Trueman

Does anyone know the research Todd was mentioning about the healthy mind isn't necessarily a "single" mind? I'm interested in reading more on that.

Mar 17th

Jordan Harbinger

Riley Trueman Thank you

Apr 6th

Riley Trueman

Jordan Harbinger All good, found a source about "multiple self theory of mind" that I think he was talking about. For those interested:

Mar 31st

Dylan harmon

bought and downloaded the audiobook before the podcast ended! thanks for the great content Jordan Rowe Harbinger !

Feb 21st

Jordan Harbinger

Dylan harmon Thanks Dylan!

Feb 22nd
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163: Todd Herman | The Alter Ego Effect

163: Todd Herman | The Alter Ego Effect

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