DiscoverSuperFeast Podcast#163 The Birthing of Our Son (Part 1) with Tahnee and Mason
#163 The Birthing of Our Son (Part 1) with Tahnee and Mason

#163 The Birthing of Our Son (Part 1) with Tahnee and Mason

Update: 2022-05-31


Free birth, sovereign birth, natural birth, undisturbed birth, DIY birth, no matter how you describe it, the reclamation of birth by women away from the medical system is a beautiful thing to witness and be a part of as a birth partner. Today on the podcast, we are celebrating the wild pregnancy and free birth experience Tahnee and Mason journeyed through to bring their beautiful son Leo into the world the way they envisioned. 

There has honestly never been a podcast that we've had so many requests for and questions about than today's episode. Over this two-part birth podcast series, Tahnee and Mason will be answering all the questions asked, plus telling the story of their journey from conception to postpartum. Recorded only three weeks after giving birth, Tahnee talks very openly about her experience of bringing her son into the world and laboring undisturbed at home with only Mason and Aiya present. Tahnee and Mason discuss how they prepared for the birth, mentally, physically, individually, and as a couple, the fears that came up and were integrated, why they chose to birth the way they did, and why it's so important to protect the ceremonial gateway of birth. There's a special guest appearance from baby Leo too, with lots of adorable baby cooing in the background (it's heart-melting), plus some suspense at the end that will have you tuning in for Part two. 

"Free birthing is mother-led birth, or at least our version was, so that doesn't mean the role of support isn't a hundred percent essential, but it means that it wasn't Mason's job to learn midwifery. And wasn't really my job either. My job was to trust in physiological birth, to know that nature rarely makes mistakes. Mistakes do happen. I'm not saying everyone's a hundred percent guaranteed to have success, but the reality is that an undisturbed, physiological birth is going to be nine times out of 10, more successful than intervention of any kind".


- Tahnee Taylor

Tahnee and Mason discuss:

-Birth as Ceremony.

-Mason's advice for birth partner's.

-Birth as a cultivation of Jing, Qi, Shen.

-There is no right or wrong way to birth.

-Mother's advocating for themselves in birth.

-Ultrasounds and scans; the pro's and con's.

-What Tahnee did to prepare her body for birth.

-Knowing what can go wrong and being prepared.

-Knowing your rights when you're in a hospital system.

-Why Tahnee and Mason chose to do a free birth course.

-Fears that come up for Tahnee during birth and pregnancy.

-Energy cultivation work that helped Tahnee prepare for birth.

-Tahnee and Mason's birth with Aiya compared to Leo's birth.

-How Tahnee and Mason prepared their birth space and birth altar.

-The trauma from the western medical system inflicted on women, family and babies. 



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Ina May's Guide to Childbirth

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Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering - Sarah Buckley

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#163 The Birthing of Our Son (Part 1) with Tahnee and Mason

#163 The Birthing of Our Son (Part 1) with Tahnee and Mason