DiscoverThe Pollsters#165: A Private Bunyan & A Sad Elephant
#165: A Private Bunyan & A Sad Elephant

#165: A Private Bunyan & A Sad Elephant

Update: 2018-05-17


 A Private Bunyan and The World’s Saddest Elephant
Whether or not Mr. 44% deserves a Nobel Peace Prize should not be decided by polls, even if Obama got one. Kristen promises to take notes at AAPOR when AP and Fox News present VoteCast, changing the exit poll game. (Don’t forget Pollsters Nation BEER THING at AAPOR:  Let Kristen buy you a beer at Yard House 5-6 PM ON THURSDAY then on to the real parties). We’re Not. A. Lady. Show.  Pay no attention to the wedding talk.
TrumplandiaPoll of the Week: Morning Consult + Politico Tracking PollNo matter how you feel about the Iran deal, you are united on the impact.Trump ApprovalIs this just ambient noise?  America doesn’t realize that it needs to shower.
Republicans closing the gapRealClear Politics: 2018 Generic Congressional Vote
AP VotecastAP, Fox News launch new exit polling projectEarly exit polls drive election coverage and can lead to misleading coverage. Will  AP Votecast tighten this up?  We’ll find out about all the sausage making this weekend.
Generation Gap IssuesInterpretation of the Constitution: Pew Supreme CourtGrowing share of Americans say Supreme Court should base its rulings on what Constitution means todayGallup: Global Warming Age Gap: Younger Americans Most WorriedDo we still call it that?  We’ve always called it that.
Royal WeddingPoll: Two-thirds of Brits not interested in royal weddingBritish Anti-monarchy group commissioned poll, results feel like, “Eh, we just had one of those.“ 

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#165: A Private Bunyan & A Sad Elephant

#165: A Private Bunyan & A Sad Elephant

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