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165 The One All About Cyber Security

165 The One All About Cyber Security

Update: 2020-10-23


When I recorded this interview some months back, I didn’t realize how important this topic would become. For so many of us, our lives have moved to the digital space due to the pandemic. We are online now more than ever! Our kids are learning online, our meetings and even our conferences have moved to virtual spaces. We must know how to navigate this new world safely.   

"KeyaanOur guest on today’s episode is Keyaan Williams. Keyaan is the director of Cyber Leadership and Security Solutions, LLC. He helps customers solve their people, processes, and strategy problems related to enterprise risk management and cybersecurity.   

In today’s episode, we talk all about cyber attack prevention. I hope you will put some of these practices into place both personally and at work to set yourself up for success when it comes to cybersecurity.  


Key points  

11:57 introducing Keyaan Williams  

14:37  - similarities between Keyaan’s early career in the military and his work in cybersecurity   

16:10  - why should we care about cybersecurity?  

22:13 - what kind of procedures should we have in place  

27:22  - what are phishing emails, and how can we protect ourselves against them?  

32:45- ransomware attacks and how to prevent them   

38:43- the importance of backups  

42:15  - how to approach a business impact analysis  

44:52 - what should we be doing as water treaters to protect our customers and ourselves?  

47:38 - Keyaan’s advice for home cybersecurity  

52:07  - Keyaan’s number one piece of advice  


Key quotes  

“Cyber security is for everyone.” - Keyaan Williams  

“Good practices and behavior will help decrease your risk drastically.” - Keyaan Williams 



Rising Tide Mastermind  

Keyaan’s LinkedIn 

Cyber Leadership and Strategy Solutions, LLC 

NIST Cybersecurity Framework 


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165 The One All About Cyber Security

165 The One All About Cyber Security