DiscoverThe Jordan Harbinger Show166: Kevin Barrows | Think Like an FBI Interrogator
166: Kevin Barrows | Think Like an FBI Interrogator

166: Kevin Barrows | Think Like an FBI Interrogator

Update: 2019-02-2816


Kevin Barrows is a former FBI special agent who now conducts traditional corporate fraud investigations, reputation risk and due diligence efforts, and supervises computer forensic and computer crime assignments for Renaissance Associates.

What We Discuss with Kevin Barrows:

  • Why conducting a successful interview is an art that requires establishing credibility, understanding motivation, employing psychology, assessing body language, and listening.

  • Why approaching a witness at an inconvenient time, in the wrong place, or in the wrong way can ruin an interview before it gets started.

  • How to quickly identify the motivation of the person being interviewed.

  • How to make the truth the only option for the person being interviewed.

  • How to create and execute a game plan to get to that truth -- whether it's with our spouse, our kids, or our colleagues and employees.

  • And much more...

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Comments (2)

Kevin Murphy

I've logged in at /course again, but same as last week, there's no lessons on there. Still says coming soon. Is this a bug or is it really delayed?

Feb 28th

Jordan Harbinger

Kevin Murphy Delayed. I wanted to add something new and handy and re cut some of the videos.

Mar 2nd
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166: Kevin Barrows | Think Like an FBI Interrogator

166: Kevin Barrows | Think Like an FBI Interrogator

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