DiscoverSuperFeast Podcast#166 Jing: The Source Of Core Energy with Mason Taylor
#166 Jing: The Source Of Core Energy with Mason Taylor

#166 Jing: The Source Of Core Energy with Mason Taylor

Update: 2022-06-21


If there is one thing the western lifestyle is exceptional at cultivating- it's EXCESS ... 

The fast pace, busy busy busy, high-stress western lifestyles many of us live has us on the hamster wheel of always 'doing' and simultaneously always trying to cope with how much we're doing. In an attempt to handle (or survive) these obligatory motions of the daily grind, we reach for our beloved vices- coffee, sugar, meditation, alcohol, exercise, sex, Netflix, shopping, doom scrolling (you get the picture) to alleviate the stress and lighten the load. The more stressed we are, the more we tend to reach for a vice in an attempt to cope. Not such a bad thing if your 'vice' is conducive to good health- but for many, it tends to be the quick fix, like a coffee at 7:30 , on route to school drop then work, while you mull over your endless 'to-do list in your head.

Coffee is in the top ten most consumed legal addictive stimulants globally- humans LOVE to consume coffee. Sadly, our Kidneys and adrenals do not. Caffeine, alcohol, and a high-stress lifestyle, all excessively deplete our core energy- our Jing essence, which is stored within the Kidneys. The amount of Jing energy one has stored in their Kidneys is indicative of; Lifespan, immune system, and ability to cope with stress without reaching for a stimulant. 

Enter 30 Days of JING. As many of our SuperFeast community know, The 30 days of JING Challenge is an annual opportunity to get off the stimulants and rejuvenate kidney and adrenal essence so you can begin regaining the zest in your step that was so familiar in our youth.

In today's episode, Mason discusses his personal story with the Jing herbs (how they changed his life) and how the 30 days of JING challenge can transform your month, year, and (as an annual event)-the trajectory of your life. Mason dives deep into the dark waters of Kidney energy from a Taoist perspective and explains why 30 Days of JING, more than quitting coffee, is about creating an intention that will deepen our relationship with ourselves and our Jing essences through foundational lifestyle practices.


Mason discusses:

-What is Jing essence?

-Addiction and excess.

-What are the Jing Herbs?

-The Kidney's and Jing essence.

-Yin and Yang transformation in the body.

-How to protect and cultivate Jing essence?

-Setting an intention for the 30 days of JING. 

-Diving into the darkness of our Kidney essence.

-Creating rhythms in our life that create automated flow.

-How does 30 days of JING improve longevity and vitality?


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#166 Jing: The Source Of Core Energy with Mason Taylor

#166 Jing: The Source Of Core Energy with Mason Taylor