167: You Need a Budget

167: You Need a Budget

Update: 2020-07-161


You need a budget. Even for a high income earner a budget is a necessary tool. The higher your income, the simpler your budget might be. But the potential for positive impact is so much higher with a higher income. You want to be extremely intentional with your money because it can be really powerful. In this episode I interview Jesse Mecham, the founder of You Need a Budget, We talk about the budgeting philosophy behind the software and the four rules of budgeting. Some people might say the budgeting is just common sense, but yet so many people don't seem to be able to figure it out without some kind of help from an app like YNAB. They think that budgeting means dieting and it doesn't. It just means planning. They think budgeting means restriction, about spending less. Jesse tells us budgeting means you should spend guilt less. Enjoy this interview with a successful entrepreneur. Hopefully you will be inspired to get a budget in place!

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167: You Need a Budget

167: You Need a Budget

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