DiscoverSuperFeast Podcast#167 The Birthing of Our Son (Part 2) with Tahnee and Mason
#167 The Birthing of Our Son (Part 2)  with Tahnee and Mason

#167 The Birthing of Our Son (Part 2) with Tahnee and Mason

Update: 2022-06-27


In Part two of the birthing of their son- Tahnee and Mason pick up where they left off in sharing their journey and the deeper learning that has settled ten weeks after the birth of baby Leo. 

In this expansive conversation about birth and union, we hear the final moments of Tahnee and Mason's free birth experience. Mason, receiving Leo as he entered the world posterior, Tahnee birthing the placenta, and the moments after birth where only Aiya, Tahnee, and Mason present, at home in the birth space.

Tahnee shares the fears that arose in her mother-lead birth experience, how she processed fear, coped with surges of pain as she progressed deeper into labour, and how her strength to push through was animated by Mason's steadfast presence.

Mason reflects on his experience, sharing valuable advice for birth partners on how to hold their purpose while a mother is journeying through pain and how to feel the intensity/pressure without reacting to it- "If it's not amazing for the mother, then it's not amazing for the father. Anyone in the birth space- strongly consider if you're reacting from and bringing your fear into the space. Also, be aware of the scope of fear mothers can carry with them into birth".

This is a beautiful conversation about the bond and union created between parents and the family unit when a birthing experience is healthy. It also highlights why it's so important to allow space within the pregnancy to weave in discussions about the layered passages of birth and the opportunity to have the ideal birth-the way you envision.  


"And that for me, I think was what I found so rewarding about this birth in particular was I feel like I got to dig very deep into my strength and my capacity to hold myself and be held through this experience and through the pain". 


- Tahnee Taylor


Mason and Tahnee discuss:


-Posterior birth.


-Birthing the placenta.

-Placenta encapsulation.

-Children in the birthspace.

-Low and high intervention birth.

-Craneosacral therapy for babies.

-Postpartum insights from Tahnee.

-The pressure birth partners experience.

-Honouring and respecting the birth partner.

-How Tahnee coped with the pain during birth.

-How Tahnee managed her energy during birth.

-How Tahnee and Mason prepared for the pain of birth.

-The spectrum of fear women and birth partners bring into the birth space. 


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#167 The Birthing of Our Son (Part 2)  with Tahnee and Mason

#167 The Birthing of Our Son (Part 2) with Tahnee and Mason