DiscoverSuperFeast Podcast#168 Water Element and Winter Food Therapy with Kimberly Ashton
#168 Water Element and Winter Food Therapy with Kimberly Ashton

#168 Water Element and Winter Food Therapy with Kimberly Ashton

Update: 2022-07-041


July is upon us, 30 days of JING has begun, and we have well and truly fallen into cooler temperatures that call for nourishment, replenishment, and slowing down.

Today on the podcast, we’re reminding you of all things warming, tonifying, and delicious to replenish you in these cooler months with wellness coach and Qi Food Therapist Kimberly Ashton. We love having Kimberly on for our seasonal Five Element food podcasts- she reminds us to eat local, eat for the season, and above all, eat intuitively.

Within the Five Element philosophy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, there is an understanding that the more we rest in Winter, the more harvest we can expect in Late Summer. Understanding this critical element of Water/Winter time helps us surrender more willingly into hibernation and doing-less mode. Just as nature withdraws to compound its reserves for the warmer months, so should we. 

In this episode, Kimberly takes us on a journey through the flavours, foods, and cooking styles of the Water Element, explaining the philosophy behind eating and preparing food specifically for this season. Think salty flavours, Yin nourishment, and slow-cooked casseroles that leave you feeling satiated and warm. As always, Kimberly inspires us to localise our minds when buying produce, forage where possible, and eat intuitively- even if it means breaking the rules. Tune in and make sure you scroll down for Kimberly's deliciously warming black sesame superfood latte recipe. 


Kimberly and Mason discuss:

-Yin foods for Winter.

-Winter shopping list.

-Cooking styles for Winter.

-Winter foods and flavours.

-Supporting local produce.

-The truth about soya foods. 

-Foods that nourish the Kidneys.

-Wild foraging Water Element foods.

-How to eat if you have a Yin deficiency.

-Why we don't eat the same foods all year round.

-Traditional Chinese Medicine Five Element philosophy.


Kimberly's black sesame superfood latte recipe 


-1 cup soy milk, cashew, or oat milk

-1 teaspoon black sesame powder

-1/2 teaspoon black tahini

-1/2 teaspoon walnuts/hemp seeds (blended into powder)- optional

-1 teaspoon coconut sugar/brown rice syrup or sweetener of choice

-1/4 teaspoon SuperFeast JING tonic herb- optional

-1/4 teaspoon Mason's Mushrooms tonic herb- optional

-2 Jujube dates, to enjoy on the side 



-Add milk to a small pot with the black sesame powder and black tahini

-Bring to a boil and then simmer

-Add the sugar/sweetener, stir 

-Add the walnut/hemp seed powder, stir

-Turn off the heat and add the SuperFeast tonic herbs, stir well

-Serve with the Jujube dates for a delicious morning or afternoon tea snack (alternatively you warm the milk and blend ALL the ingredients with the milk in a blender, including the Jujube dates- just remove the piths first).


Winter Kindney nourishing shopping list

Salty condiments, good quality sea salt, tamari or soya sauce, miso, olives, capers, sea vegetables, jujube dates, Medjool dates, blackberries, black beans, black lentils, kidney beans, black sesame, black tahini, lamb, beef, beetroot, seafood, walnuts, mushrooms, seaweeds, dark kale, black rice, buckwheat.


Resource guide


Kimberly's website

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Five Seasons TCM

Kimberly's Element E-Book

Five Elements and Cycles E-Course




JING blend

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#168 Water Element and Winter Food Therapy with Kimberly Ashton

#168 Water Element and Winter Food Therapy with Kimberly Ashton