DiscoverSuperFeast Podcast#169 Becoming a Herb Combining Expert At Home with Mason Taylor
#169 Becoming a Herb Combining Expert At Home with Mason Taylor

#169 Becoming a Herb Combining Expert At Home with Mason Taylor

Update: 2022-07-11


Here at SuperFeast, we take great pride in the quality of our superior tonic herbs and medicinal mushrooms. We follow Di Dao philosophy and do our best to empower and educate you, our community on this ancient form of Chinese medicine sourcing that delivers the highest quality herbs and mushrooms imbued with integrity and powerful healing properties.

New to SuperFeast or not, chances are at some point on your tonic herbal journey to health sovereignty you have wondered one or some of the following questions:

-Which blend/formula is best for me?

-What is the intention of each formula?

-How many single herbs can i take at one time?

-How many SuperFeast blends can i take at once?

-Which bundle should I get at this point in my health journey? 

In today's podcast episode Mason brings clarity to all these questions as well as breaking down the combining of herbs in tonic herbalism and the usage of single herbs within the context of Taoist tonic herbalism so you can feel empowered when integrating SuperFeast single herbs into your lifestyle and diet.

Mason brings in some contextualisation around the different grades and classifications of tonic herbs, why SuperFeast chooses to use the safe superior tonic herbs (and not any major dangerous herbs), and the difference between taking practitioner level single herbs and classical/traditional Chinese medical system single herbs. There is a big difference, and both have their place. 

There is a place for advanced clinical herbalist specialisation to treat specific symptomology and advanced disease states, and there is a place for individuals having their own decentralised tonic herbal engagement underpinned by an intention of proactive, sovereign, glowing health. Plants and herbs are for the people and tonic herbalism is there for all of us to engage with on different levels.

Mason dives deep into the intentions behind each SuperFeast bundle as well as explaining the layered nuance when creating tonic herbal formulas that are both good for the general population and support a specific system within the body. 


Mason discusses:

-Combining herbs.

-Herbal formulations.

-Taking single herbs.

-Advanced herbalism.

-How to take the herbs.

-Formulation in tonic herbalism.

-What are superior tonic herbs?

-Major, minor and supportive herbs.

-Biophilia activations with single herbs.

-The combining of herbs in tonic herbalism.

-The classification and safety rating of herbs.

-The purpose and intent of each SuperFeast bundle.

-The distinction between clinical and tonic herbalism.

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#169 Becoming a Herb Combining Expert At Home with Mason Taylor

#169 Becoming a Herb Combining Expert At Home with Mason Taylor