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16th March 2020, 12:35pm

16th March 2020, 12:35pm

Update: 2020-03-16


how am I don’t hate it when people do that on podcasts am bar so there is an episode of Heiple way heights map there is an episode of reply all that came out for weeks ago and it’s about a guy who had a song stuck in his head and the team that the journalism team and reconstruct the song with professional musicians and they totally round a bunch of our of the music writers and journalists and Stephen page from being a kid lady he’s getting his canada Eire and I do mean I can’t have to spoil the story by telling you that the deal like that there is a party without like to add the song but not exist it might be an amalgam of two different songs ever and it says that Sam does exist and I’m low-key freaking out because it just appeared on the bike discover weekly on Spotify and I am fascinated by how that happened is it because am I mean so I don’t used to obviously write it in in case you don’t know reply all is made by gimlet media is podcast company who got bought out by Spotify last and said there’s a connection there that there is some synergies aware that I don’t use Spotify for podcast because I’m not a monster i’m sad that I can’t unless there is some creepy tracking way which I doubt it I’m your knob and I’m certain there is creepy tracking am but I don’t get it in terms of me listening to the podcast but I don’t think it can connect to my Spotify account so so mike that is but which is which leaves me wondering whether it’s simply and that lots of people of listen to the episode who Spotify are aware of and have and searched for that song maybe because like I thought was quite nice Oliver is that you know what if I came now or email if you did can come out and when I was in a really getting to me to get a kid and if I do known about it it Absolute would be the Coniston had a good would’ve quite enjoyed and would’ve wanted to sort out but like I was walking home I listen to podcast of the time and so like I wasn’t going i’d get up my phone and then look at it and but I wonder if it’s just the people have an end and that’s why it’s now in and Spotify thing I mean be really interesting to know whether there’s been a re-release or something or whether it was always in Spotify is archive or if it’s been added and I’m really I’m really gonna fascinated and and really keen up by am I just think it’s really cool so yeah I am that was a weird an unexpected occurrents to to have this song and that no ones heard of a literally like no one had a bit of a hat they eventually found the musician you wrote do you like the one person apart from a couple of iron or executive who is it actually had a bit of a bottle anyway you should check the episode out is the lights on and if you get it I think reply all. limo am you’ll you’ll be able to find it there and it’s it’s cold tonight that the case of the missing hit us in a minute and I said great episode I will I i was fascinated by and it was it was an ambitious but anyway I’m so like keyed up bye-bye this song appearing not cause it’s not that amazing song but like I love the story was really cool so I thought I’d share that with you and and since and I now have the means to do that and via via the need to drop casting which and I I I did hear from Martin on Twitter that and he says that that’s already a time and I couldn’t find it and I’m not disagreeing I’m back and find it as it is a time to do the audio so I’ll be interested to know like again on this is not not I’m not like you have a copy writing or am I trade market and running but it and if I’m gonna call something something it be nice if it didn’t mean something else on it in that context so am I but yeah anyway drop casting so and yeah do you know how weird is that it’s pretty weird I’m alright bye

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16th March 2020, 12:35pm

16th March 2020, 12:35pm

Mark Steadman