DiscoverCompounding Curiosity17 | Mio Kato, Don’t Dread Data
17 | Mio Kato, Don’t Dread Data

17 | Mio Kato, Don’t Dread Data

Update: 2021-10-28


My guest today is Mio Kato. Mio is the founder of LightStream Research, and was previously the head of research at Uzabase. LightStream Research melds traditional research with alternative data and AI to provide deeper insights into companies, industries and economic conditions. LightStream’s Asian focus is centred on Japan and India with a particular emphasis on the automotive, machinery and materials sectors and the technological developments impacting them.


In this conversation, we dive deep into the world of data and investing, Japanese equities, and Japanese companies expansion strategies.

I hope you enjoy my conversation with Mio Kato.


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Show Notes:

[00:00:40 ] - [First question] - Mio’s background and history

[00:17:06 ] - Why are forecasts traditionally so bad?

[00:24:54 ] - Common pitfalls hedge funds make in regards to data?

[00:38:50 ] - Why do managers only use data for short term decisions currently?

[00:46:46 ] - Why have Japanese equities turned a corner?

[01:02:04 ] - Why have Japanese companies traditionally struggled overseas?

[01:05:39 ] - Common misconception around Japanese equitites

[01:15:51 ] - Undervalued skill or life experience?




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17 | Mio Kato, Don’t Dread Data

17 | Mio Kato, Don’t Dread Data