DiscoverWhen Life Gives You Parkinson's17 Things That Give Me Hope About Parkinson’s
17 Things That Give Me Hope About Parkinson’s

17 Things That Give Me Hope About Parkinson’s

Update: 2021-01-06


In this episode of When Life Gives You Parkinson’s, Larry and Rebecca Gifford welcome 2021 by digging through a sack full of hope. Each week there seems to be another headline that signals major breakthroughs – as in bio-markers and disease altering treatments – are just around the corner for Parkinson’s. We talk to two people who confirm we are on the precipice of major changes in how we view and treat the disease. 

However, it is not just about the diagnosis and treatments. PD advocates come in all shapes and sizes – from 80 year old driveway walkers, to middle aged soccer players, to geeks and nerds sitting behind a computer screen. Each are unleashing their super powers on the PD community and owning it. Get ready for lasers in your head, a race with the moon and the inaugural Parkython. Plus, there’s a tomato… a laser… a magic ring…  Uma Thurman….Barcelona, and a serious discussion of wearables for non-invasive measuring of dopamine levels.

If you are a half-glass empty person, this episode will either be so packed with hope is shooting out your ears or you will have 17 more great, positive, groundbreaking, even life changing, “wow” moment things to find flaw with.

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Thank you to the following people featured in this episode:

David Vocadlo, Canada Research Chair in Chemical Biology, Simon Fraser University. His research website is here.

Debi Brooks, Co-Founder and Executive Vice Chairman of the Michael J. Fox Foundation. Listen to Episode One of the podcast series “Milestones and Momentum in Parkinson’s Research

Charlie Appleyard –  Learn about Sport Parkinsons here. The “Race the Moon” announcement will be on Monday, January 11, 2021.

Rui Cuoto – Read about Parkython (Parkinsons + Hackathon) and register to be a part of it!

Kevin Krejci – Learn more about the Oura Ring we discussed. 

John Dean – For details on the EPDA’s Keep on Moving and ExerciseCast click the links. 

Ralph & Berys Richardson – Check out Team Ralph on the SuperWalk website

Greg Hicks – Greg documents Ralph’s campaign on Facebook

Special thanks to Pulp Fiction and Uma Thurman’s tomato joke, Dave Clark (Happy 10th-Parkyversary), the generic voice guy for Vie Light, and Babe Ruth for calling his shot. Here’s a link to the photo of the Levodopa Tomato.

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17 Things That Give Me Hope About Parkinson’s

17 Things That Give Me Hope About Parkinson’s