17. Hello Mr. Robot

17. Hello Mr. Robot

Update: 2018-09-20


The continuing integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into our lives can often solicit fear and uncertainty. Changing the job, workforce, home and education landscape - likely a LOT - is tremendously important. For parents though - we're interested in this revolution in a variety of ways - not just for our own careers and financial planning but for our kids' future. How can we prepare ourselves to stay flexible and marketable throughout these industry and environmental changes? How can we develop our kids to be a part of this movement - equipped with the skillet to make a meaningful impact in spite to changing environment?

These are all big, loaded and highly speculative topics. With an onslaught of research coming out trying to postulate what the world will look like, weeding through these forecasts can be half the battle. Throughout this podcast, we'll attempt to do this. Reflecting on changing environments, timeless skillets, and ultimately understanding that the future 20 years from now that we want our kids to be a part of... is in our own hands. We're the ones responsible for both our kids' own development, as with our professional ambitions to craft the world into an environment you would want for them. As we look around and see broken systems, and potential overhauls - it's on us as parents to identify, prepare and correct.
It's a big task, but together we're up for it. With that, let's get started!

Save the parents podcast is a podcast by & for parents with a dedicated interest in envisioning and preparing our kids for the dynamic future that lies ahead. Touching on various science, technology, political, cultural and economic issues facing our kids' generations we look use our own experience, education, research and understanding to craft a unique inspiration of the work ahead. None of this content would be possible without our beloved patreon supporters. Thank you to everyone who has, and will continue to support these initiatives! Check out our Patreon page at https://www.patreon.com/savetheparents to learn more.








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17. Hello Mr. Robot

17. Hello Mr. Robot

jennifer thuen