DiscoverMastering Agility#17. Remote after Covid with Chris Stone
#17. Remote after Covid with Chris Stone

#17. Remote after Covid with Chris Stone

Update: 2021-07-05


The pandemic has made a tremendous impact all around the world. We needed to adapt our ways of working, how we approach problems, find out a new work-life balance. Now that vaccinations are getting up to speed, and more and more people are getting vaccinated, the world is slowly reopening. After working from home for such a long time, going back to what we’re used to will pose a whole new set of challenges. What did we learn? What challenges can we expect? Will we ever go back to the office full-time again? Chris Stone has been working remotely even before the pandemic hit. He’s the right guy to talk about this. 

What you’ll discover in this show:

-        Employers will now have to convince employees to work from the office, instead of the other way around

-        Remote is here to stay

-        Not being limited to a physical office creates a new range of audience and employees

Chris Stone

Virtual Agile Coach

For eight years now I've been fostering an environment for the success of high-performing teams and organizations through the use of agility. I've worked across a wide range of industries and with some of the largest organizations in the world, as well as with smaller, more lean enterprises.​

As The Virtual Agile coach,  I intend to enable frictionless innovation, regardless of location. I'm therefore a firm believer in enabling agility whilst working virtually. Through this platform, I'll share my advice, guidance, coaching, mentoring, and training, along with a series of actionable experiments for you to try.

  Contact Chris Stone: 

Sander Dur (host)

Scrum Master, Agile Coach, trainer, and podcast host for ‘Mastering Agility”

Sander Dur is a business agility enthusiast, with a passion for people. Whether it’s healthy product development, agile leadership, measurement, or psychological safety, Sander has the drive to enable organizations to the best of their abilities. He is an avid article writer, working on a book about Scrum Mastery from the Trenches, and is connecting listeners with the most influential people in the industry.


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#17. Remote after Covid with Chris Stone

#17. Remote after Covid with Chris Stone

Sander Dur