DiscoverSuperFeast Podcast#170 Adrenal Fatigue and Repair with Sage and Dan
#170 Adrenal Fatigue and Repair with Sage and Dan

#170 Adrenal Fatigue and Repair with Sage and Dan

Update: 2022-07-19


Are you living a life of excess? Do you feel like your battery pack is running on empty; and in constant need of a recharge? It may be time to check in with your Adrenal Glands (aka. Adrenals) and see how they're holding up. 

We're just over halfway through 30 days of JING- the month where we give our Adrenals and Kidneys the nourishment and recharge they deserve. Today on the podcast, we're bringing one of favourite recordings out of the SuperFeast catalogue to keep you inspired and aligned for the remaining weeks of 30 Days of Jing and beyond.

Mason, naturopath Dan Sipple, and herbalist Sage Dammers go deep in delivering vital knowledge on Adrenal health, Adrenal fatigue, and why these relatively tiny glands that are the powerhouse of the endocrine system play such a critical role in our day-to-day function.

Each of them bringing their own unique wisdom and expertise to the conversation, Mason, Dan, and Sage lay out the foundations of Adrenal health, how they function, their role within the endocrine system, how they become fatigued, and the chronic illness that can set in when the symptoms of fatigue get ignored.

A massive part of this conversation is dedicated to herbs/supplements that support Adrenal gland function, how gut health supports our Endocrine system and how to revitalise the Adrenals and get them back functioning optimally after fatigue.


Dan, Sage and Mason discuss:

-Adrenal Fatigue.

-Addison's disease.

-The Endocrine System.

-The role of the Adrenals.

-Inflammation leaks Jing.

-Mitochondrial dysfunction.

-Symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue.

-Adaptogens for Adrenal Fatigue.

-How trauma affects the Adrenals. 

-Neurofeedback sessions for trauma

-The emotion of fear and the Kidneys.

-Chronic stress and cortisol secretion.

-Herbs and Supplements for Adrenal Fatigue.

-How gut health affects the Endocrine System.

-Hormone production and the Endocrine System.


Foods For Adrenal Fatigue

Root vegetables,  clean starches, good quality sea salt, sweet potatoes,  your taros, quinoa, buckwheat, black rice, black olives, black sesame seeds and oil, tamari or soya sauce, miso, capers, sea vegetables, jujube dates, blackberries, black beans, kidney beans, black tahini, mushrooms, seaweeds, dark kale.


Herbs that Support Adrenal Health:

JING blend

QI blend

SHEN blend


Deer Antler


Eucommia Bark



Who is Dan Sipple? 

Dan Sipple also known as The Functional Naturopath is based on the south coast of NSW and has a special interest in gut health, immune dysfunction, pro-metabolic health, mineral rebalancing & hormones. 

Dan has been in the health and wellness arena for over a decade and blends traditional herbal medicine systems and knowledge with cutting-edge functional and integrative testing to best facilitate a patient's journey to peak wellness.

Who is Sage Dammers?

Fuelled by a passionate desire to help people live the ultimate life and create a better world, Sage studied raw and superfood nutrition and traditional herbal systems, especially Taoist tonic herbalism. He has worked with and trained under the world’s leading master herbalists and nutrition and longevity experts in Costa Rica, Australia, Bali, China, and America.

Sage has developed products internationally and given lectures on peak performance nutrition in Australia, Bali, America, and France. His years of experience in this unique arena have allowed him to cultivate an unparalleled combination of cutting edge nutritional and culinary expertise. Sage has started tonic elixir bars in 5 star luxury hotels in Paris and Sydney serving longevity elixirs disguised as gourmet treats, introducing the novel concept of healthy indulgences to the market of world travellers.

Resource guide

Dan Website

Dan Instagram

Sage's website

Sage's Instagram

Mantak Chia

Clearlight Infrared Saunas

Benny Fergusson- The movement monk


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#170 Adrenal Fatigue and Repair with Sage and Dan

#170 Adrenal Fatigue and Repair with Sage and Dan