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171: Six Principles of Asset Location

171: Six Principles of Asset Location

Update: 2020-08-131


Asset location is something that is completely missed by a lot of otherwise pretty financially sophisticated people. So I do a deep dive into this topic in today's episode before answering listener questions. Asset location is basically that process of dividing up your investments into your various accounts. Each of them have different issues and are taxed in a different way. This has some bearing on how your investments perform and which investments should be going into which of these various types of accounts.  Unfortunately it is a rather complicated discussion. There are some rules of thumb, but very few absolutes. However if you get this right, it can be worth a million dollars or more. So it is worth looking at, but perhaps not obsessing over. We go over six principles of asset location that you should be aware of in this episode as well as some basic tips that you should follow if you are trying to invest tax efficiently.

Listener questions that we discuss today include the new charitable deduction that came into being with the cares act, paying your spouse for working in your practice, SIPC insurance, how much is too much in assets, UGMA accounts, health insurance premiums, the positives and negatives of having your practice own your life insurance policy, tapping your retirement accounts to invest in real estate, and more.



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171: Six Principles of Asset Location

171: Six Principles of Asset Location

Dr. Jim Dahle of the White Coat Investor