DiscoverSuperFeast Podcast#171 How I Formulated the JING Blend with Mason
#171 How I Formulated the JING Blend with Mason

#171 How I Formulated the JING Blend with Mason

Update: 2022-07-251


Today is the first of many podcasts to come, where we take a monograph-style deep dive into herbs and blends within the SuperFeast apothecary. Being 30 days of JING- and being our star foundation blend, it felt fitting to start with the JING blend. 

In dialogue with Sophia- a long-time SuperFeast team member, stellar human being, and herb educator, Mason discusses the process of developing the JING blend, its beautiful balance of Yin/Yang herbs, and why it's an essential foundational blend for most people. We use the term foundational because the JING blend specifically focuses on servicing blood, core energy, libido, bones, marrow, longevity, brain capacity, youthfulness, buoyancy, and general hormonal regulation. In short, it's the blend to go to when you start to feel exhaustion and fatigue settling within your system.

In this episode, Mason talks in depth about Jing essence- the driving force, resilience, and momentum that allows us to meet life with optimal capacity and stay grounded through the most challenging and animated times. As with everything we do at SuperFeast, the intention of evolving towards elderhood with grace and ease is bound to our Jing essence- our ability to cultivate, store and use it wisely.

Mason goes through the individual herbs within the JING blend detailing their herbal actions, why he incorporated them in the blend, and the organ systems they tonify and work through. It's one thing to take a herb/blend and see results as they permeate through the body- but to understand the herbal actions and grasp how they work within your system- while feeling that action and seeing results takes healing to another level. Mason also weaves in a few of the mystical lore-based Classical Chinese Medicine stories behind some of the individual herbs, taking us back to the magical roots of this revered ancient herbal system.


Mason and Sophia discuss:

-Jing, Qi and Shen.

-Jing and Lung function.

-Jing and Spleen function.

-Jing and Kidney function

-Prenatal and postnatal Jing.

-Herbal actions of the JING blend.

-Signs of Jing depletion within the body. 

-Why JING blend is great for menopause.

-How JING blend stops premature ageing.

-When to incorporate JING blend into your life.

-JING testimonials that have transformed lives.

-How the JING blend services the Kidneys and Lungs.

-Sourcing regions and Di Dao for each of the herbs in JING blend.

-JING blend; a great grounding-introductory product to the SuperFeast range.


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#171 How I Formulated the JING Blend with Mason

#171 How I Formulated the JING Blend with Mason