DiscoverSuperFeast Podcast#172 Skip Resting in Winter At Your Peril with Mason and Tahnee
#172 Skip Resting in Winter At Your Peril with Mason and Tahnee

#172 Skip Resting in Winter At Your Peril with Mason and Tahnee

Update: 2022-08-02


As we enter the last month of Winter here in the Southern Hemisphere, it's very tempting to daydream about the sweet Spring air and warmer weather that awaits us. However, as we will learn in today's Winter podcast, this last month of Winter is critical to how we show up in Spring, Summer, and beyond. So as much as you can- REST, sleep, nurture and nourish yourself in these last days before spring arrives...

Reflection, restoration, rest- through these Winter practices, we are able to access the wisdom of the Kidneys and the cultivation of Jing that will sustain us through Spring, the peak of Summer, and beyond.

Today on the podcast, Tahnee and Mason share the practices, Kidney herbs, and Taoist wisdom of Winter/ Water time in a way that calls us to reflect and ask ourselves- Are we getting enough rest? If we observe the health of the collective during our current Winter season, the answer points to no. Tahnee dives deep into the energy of the Kidneys- explaining why rest/sleep in these cooler water cultivating months is critical to our vitality in every season. 

Mason speaks to the Kidneys relationship with fear- when it's useful- when it's destructive, and how when we surrender to the stillness and darkness this season grants us, there is an opportunity for profound transformation- spiritually-mentally-physically. 

This conversation comes at a most significant time, bringing up the much broader and ubiquitous question of sustainability. How sustainable are the lifestyles we live- and at what cost do they come to our health?


"I'm sleeping until seven most mornings, and I'm really feeling this deep nourishment from sleep at the moment. Obviously, we have a business and children, so naturally, we still end up burning the candle. But how many of us push through winter not getting that hibernation time, that deep rest of restoration in the Qi and the Organs? Then we get sick, and then we're suddenly crook all the time. It's like this because- as a culture, we keep the momentum going all year round. We don't have this time of acknowledging and making sacred the rest and the sleep that we require". 


-Tahnee Taylor


Mason and Tahnee discuss:

-Qi Gong

-Jing energy

-Qi cultivation

-The organ wheel

-Fear and the Kidneys.

-Yin Yang Kidney herbs.

-Why we need rest in Winter.

-Herbs and foods for Winter.

-Transforming fear into wisdom.

-The Heart and Kidney meridians.

-The esoteric nature of the Kidneys.

-Balancing our Yin and Yang energy.

-The Water element and the Kidneys.

-Why we need sleep to cultivate Jing.

-Why we protect ourselves against the cold.

-Practices and meditations to support us through Winter.

-What the menstrual flow says about our Jing/Kidney essence.


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Yoga Nidra: Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra

The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Medicine- a new translation of the Neijing. 


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Deer Antler

Eucommia Bark

Three Treasures bundle

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#172 Skip Resting in Winter At Your Peril with Mason and Tahnee

#172 Skip Resting in Winter At Your Peril with Mason and Tahnee