DiscoverSuperFeast Podcast#173 The Pursuit Of Beauty Through the Taoist Lens with Mason
#173 The Pursuit Of Beauty Through the Taoist Lens with Mason

#173 The Pursuit Of Beauty Through the Taoist Lens with Mason

Update: 2022-08-08


Today on the podcast, we're talking about Beauty-in particular, beauty as it is understood and pursued through the Taoist lens.

The Taoist embodiment of beauty could simply be summed up through the understanding that internal harmony is the key to external radiant beauty, and the preservation of youth. As within, so without. Our radiance- the quality of our skin, hair, eyes, nails, and how we hold ourselves physically, is an insightful indicator of our internal organ health. 

But what are the elements of this internal harmony that deliver sparkly eyes, healthy skin, glowing Shen, animated Qi, and well cultivated Jing?

In conversation with Sophia, Mason discusses the ancient practices, tonic herbs, and Taoist wisdom available to us in our pursuit of beauty through the many seasons of life. Rather than forming an unhealthy, unrealistic, obsessive relationship with beauty- this ancient ark of knowledge passed down from the Taoist immortals will keep us in an embodied, balanced, holistic pursuit of beauty- one that supports the cultivation of us evolving into graceful, wise, Shen-filled elders.

Mason also goes through the beauty-focused, single tonic herbs and tonic blends within the SuperFeast range- explaining why we love to use them and how they deliver external radiant beauty; from within.

This conversation is a beautiful Yin/Yang dialogue between Sophia and Mason, with many pearls of beauty-wisdom, both practical and esoteric. Make sure you scroll down to see the many topics discussed in this episode.



"As we go along, we need this barometer to ensure the body is being preserved enough. Do we have enough juice, enough sexual juices- enough Yin essence to ensure we can go through these graduation cycles and evolve into truly beautiful elders"?

- Mason Taylor  

Mason and Sophia discuss: 

- Ageless beauty.

- Blood and beauty

- Spleen and beauty.

- Fertility and beauty.

- Shen is radiant beauty.

- Preservation of Yin Jing.

- Schisandra for hair health. 

- Beauty and Shen development.

- Herbs that regulate the Liver system.

- The preservation of health as beauty.

- Signs that your youth/health is deteriorating.

- Lung function, Qi cultivation and beautiful skin.

- Chi Nei Tsang for healthy organs and radiant beauty.

- SuperFeast herbs that support the embodiment of beauty. 

- Why the Liver health is a critical key to embodying beauty. 


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#173 The Pursuit Of Beauty Through the Taoist Lens with Mason

#173 The Pursuit Of Beauty Through the Taoist Lens with Mason