DiscoverSuperFeast Podcast#174 Gua Sha: Become Your Own Healer with Mason Taylor
#174 Gua Sha: Become Your Own Healer with Mason Taylor

#174 Gua Sha: Become Your Own Healer with Mason Taylor

Update: 2022-08-15


"This is probably the first time we've talked about the San Jiao meridian- the invisible Yang Organ System. The San Jiao is responsible for the transportation of fluids through the body. It's responsible for the functional relationship between various Organs involved with fluid metabolism and metabolism in general. It's between the Lungs, Spleen, Kidneys, Small Intestine, and Bladder, and it's paired with the pericardium. It helps the body transport lymphatic fluid and prevents toxic build up". - Mason Taylor 


Today on the podcast, we're taking a moment to observe and acknowledge the ancient healing tradition of Gua Sha. A healing technique that spans ages and cultures, bridging the gap between the practitioner's office and the home through direct engagement with the physicality of our bodies.

Mason runs through the specific techniques and details of using the SuperFeast Bian stone Yin/Yang Gua Sha tools- how to engage, use them safely and feel connected to this ancient wisdom and ancient lore. Mason explains the function of eliminating internal heat and stagnation through the gentle scraping of the Gua Sha tool, supporting and assisting the movement of lymphatic fluids through the San Jiao meridian system.

The Gua Sha tool offers profound benefits when incorporated into a daily facial-beauty routine, offering lasting radiance and buoyancy to the skin. But it is far more than just an elegant beauty tool for the face- it is a safe and gentle way of moving Qi around the body and preventing disease in our daily lives.


"The San Jiao meridian is the regulatory capacity for the body to move between the lower dantian, the middle dantian, the upper dantian, and the three burners-the three centres. And when they're in sync, you're connecting the Three Treasures, the Jing, the Qi, and the Shen. Everything's being regulated, harmonised, and connected, and the waters are moving on". 

- Mason Taylor


Mason discusses:

-Facial Gua Sha for detox.

-Why Bian Stone for Gua Sha?

-Chi Nei Tsang organ massage.

-Immune function and Gua Sha.

-How long do we use Gua sha for?

-Gua Sha and the lymphatic sytem.

-Gua Sha and the meridian systems.

-San Jiao- the invisible Yang organ system.

-How to use SuperFeasts Yin Yang Gua Sha tools.

-The distinction between facial Gua Sha and body Gua Sha.

 -Gua Sha and the distribution of Qi through the Gallbladder.

-Why the San Jiao meridian system is essential for detoxification.

-Stagnation-an indication of disease and disharmony within organ systems.


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#174 Gua Sha: Become Your Own Healer with Mason Taylor

#174 Gua Sha: Become Your Own Healer with Mason Taylor