DiscoverThe Rachel Hollis Podcast175: Hacking Your Health with Dave Asprey
175: Hacking Your Health with Dave Asprey

175: Hacking Your Health with Dave Asprey

Update: 2020-12-1514


Bulletproof's own Dave Asprey is here to share some of his hard-earned wisdom about what we put into our bodies for fuel and wellness. You know I'm a fan of any self-made entrepreneur, and Dave has taken his obsession with his health and turned it into tangible action for all of us. During this conversation II guarantee you'll learn something new, as I did with almonds??? Who knew!

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Breanne Holroyd

I really enjoy your books and podcasts so i mean this with respect. Dave has 0 education in Nutrition Science. He is making profit because of his opinion and with no scientific evidence to back it up. I am a graduate with a Bachelors degree in Nutrition Science, who recently,got accepted into a dietetic internship to be a Registered Dietitian NUTRITIONIST. After listening to this podcast for 10 minutes I am deeply concerned for your health, your followers health, and the willingness of your followers to buy daves products without looking up his credibility. Based on what he said, scientific evidence shows that oxalates can cause kidney stones in high consumption therefore people with kidney disease or kidney stones should consume oxalate containing foods minimally but everyone else can consume them! Raw spinach is good for people! Based on my education, the stress of over exercising and the stress of your devorce is what is causing your inflammation and slow recovery. please look at peoples qualifications before you have them on your podcast to talk about diet. There is so much confusion around diet and diet culture and things like this just add to the confusion. The fact is that everyones body is different and a registered dietitian nutritionist can help figure out what is missing in an individuals diet. Not a biohacker, not a millionaire and not a undegreed nutritionist.

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175: Hacking Your Health with Dave Asprey

175: Hacking Your Health with Dave Asprey

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