DiscoverTimesuck with Dan Cummins175 - Declassified Military Documents
175 - Declassified Military Documents

175 - Declassified Military Documents

Update: 2020-01-209


Operation Iceworm. Operation Gladio. Operation Paperclip, Sea Spray, Acoustic Kitty, and more. What has the US government kept secret over the years, and why? How does information become classified? Declassified? What sensitive information has been leaked over the years and by whom? We dig into a lot of secrets today that are no longer so secret which can really make a person feel a little paranoid wondering, WHAT ARE THEY HIDING FROM US, NOW!?! 

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Michael P Flynn

Benghazi was a gun running operation to our "allies" in Syria, they became ISIS and had STINGER missiles.

Jan 29th
Reply (1)

Greg K

I really enjoyed this show. Its a little scary all the things that happen and are covered up or kept secret.

Jan 25th








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175 - Declassified Military Documents

175 - Declassified Military Documents

Dan Cummins