DiscoverWhite Coat Investor Podcast177: Financial Planning for Children with Special Needs
177: Financial Planning for Children with Special Needs

177: Financial Planning for Children with Special Needs

Update: 2020-09-24


Your financial planning after having a child with special needs will be different than you might have otherwise anticipated. In this episode we talk about 6 aspects of financial planning that are important to understand when you are in this situation. Your investing horizon is no longer your lifetime. It is now your child's lifetime. Government resources available to your child will affect your financial planning. You will need to look at your life, disability, and health insurance differently as a parent with a child with special needs. The benefits of an individual educational plan at school will help with the financial aspect of raising a child with special needs.  Some states provide better benefits to those living with disabilities, both while in school and as adults. This could play a part in the decision you make of where to live with your child. ABLE accounts and irrevocable trusts are also discussed. 

For those not in this situation we also cover many listener questions in this episode, including converting bonds to TIPS funds, true-ups and vesting in your work retirement plans, whether you should be financially planning for the future you want or the future that might end up happening, the problems with leaving your assets to multiple people, choosing a renter, whether to invest in a 529 for K-12 private school, what percentage of an asset allocation international stocks should comprise and where they should go, and more. 

This podcast is sponsored by ERE Healthcare Real Estate Advisors. Collin Hart, CEO of ERE, has been a guest on my show and specializes in representing leading physician groups in structuring sale and leaseback transactions on their clinical and surgical center real estate. ERE is a real estate brokerage, but takes an advisory approach, expertly positioning their clients for a real estate sale as part of succession planning surrounding their practice real estate investment.  If you're contemplating a partnership with a hospital, health system, or private equity, understanding certain real estate principles can help ensure that you maximize the value and security of your real estate.  You can learn more about ERE on their website or you can reach Collin directly at or call him at (702) 839-8737.









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177: Financial Planning for Children with Special Needs

177: Financial Planning for Children with Special Needs

Dr. Jim Dahle of the White Coat Investor