DiscoverWhite Coat Investor Podcast178: Practicing Medicine in Australia
178: Practicing Medicine in Australia

178: Practicing Medicine in Australia

Update: 2020-10-01


What is it like to practice medicine in Australia? Our guest in this episode walks us through the training and practicing of physicians in the land down under. We talk about what the medical system is like in Australia as well as how physicians are compensated. From time to time we bring doctors on the show from other countries, we've had a British physician and a doctor who trained in Venezuela on. It is fun to dive into the medical world of another country. Sometimes in the U.S. we get these almost blinders on and think we're the only country in the world. We don't really realize that there are a lot of lessons that could be learned from other countries, that we can really apply in our own lives to simplify both our medical system and our financial system. I think you will find this interview really interesting. 


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178: Practicing Medicine in Australia

178: Practicing Medicine in Australia

Dr. Jim Dahle of the White Coat Investor