DiscoverUnder The Skin with Russell Brand#178 Breathe! (with James Nestor)
#178 Breathe! (with James Nestor)

#178 Breathe! (with James Nestor)

Update: 2021-03-278


This week I spoke with James Nestor! James is author of Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art and DEEP: Freediving, Renegade Science, and What The Ocean Tells Us about Ourselves.

James, inspired by the art of freediving, has explored the vital role breath and breathing correctly plays in our evolution as human beings and our health right now. Are we breathing wrong and what can we do to change it? How powerful is our breath really?

James reveals the incredible feats and control people have acquired by harnessing their breath, something we carry around with us 24/7. Is there some ulterior reason why this free, accessible and innate ability is not widely proliferated? This podcast may make you very aware of your breathing while you’re listening, but it might also change your life!

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#178 Breathe! (with James Nestor)

#178 Breathe! (with James Nestor)

Russell Brand