DiscoverKingdom Mothers Rise Up18: Build Your Child's Identity in Christ: Guest Abbey Feldkamp
18: Build Your Child's Identity in Christ: Guest Abbey Feldkamp

18: Build Your Child's Identity in Christ: Guest Abbey Feldkamp

Update: 2022-11-16


Mommy, I don't want the stories about old people in robes.

This was the statement that got Abbey Feldkamp started on the adventure of writing her first book. She knew Jesus was relevant to her young daughter now and could see how the Bible stories where no one dressed like her made that harder to understand.

Abbey has recently released her faith-based board book, Wonderful, Marvelous, Magnificent You.

Wonderful, Marvelous, Magnificent You offers young children an engaging and colorful tool for teaching them about Jesus in a relatable way. It was crafted as a rhyming story with vivid imaginative and playful scenes to captivate the reader’s attention. It's an offset lithography printed book with durable, hard pages. The illustrations and text are all hand-drawn.

From the Author:

Through the pandemic, I saw my own children suffer, and I saw other children suffer. I saw their lights diminish and their faith in themselves grow dim. They struggled in school, they struggled to find confidence, and they struggled to have success in social interactions because they were shut away from the world for so long. Their confidence was starved and they became uneasy, anxious, and uncertain.

I knew I needed to bring them a story about just how amazing and resilient they can be--a beautiful, feel-good rhyming story about how wonderful, marvelous and magnificent kids truly are! This is how the story began.

This book beautifully illustrates just how special God made children of every culture and ability. It is diverse, inclusive, and wholesome. Children need to hear the simple message that Jesus loves them, just as they are.

This resource is a perfect companion to your daily children’s bible—the reader will see themselves reflected in the story with Jesus. It also encourages the reader to use their imagination and understand Jesus in a modern way. Perfect for gifting and reading at home, this will become an heirloom storybook to enjoy, handed down from generation to generation.

Abbey Feldkamp was born and raised in Minnesota. Along with being a children’s author, she is a flower farmer specializing in English roses. When she’s not writing, she’s chasing her kids on the farm, tending her blooms, and caring for her honeybees. She’s married to her high schoo

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18: Build Your Child's Identity in Christ: Guest Abbey Feldkamp

18: Build Your Child's Identity in Christ: Guest Abbey Feldkamp

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