#18: Jayni Wong (AETHER Sessions, O Deer)

#18: Jayni Wong (AETHER Sessions, O Deer)

Update: 2020-03-31


Jayni is a drummer and promoter from Singapore but she used to live in Brisbane and while she was there she ran a really great series of gigs called Aether Sessions and played in a few different local bands. Recently she moved back to Singapore and she has started organising Aether Sessions shows there, and she's also started playing drums in a post-rock band called O Deer. When we recorded this interview they were still getting ready to play their first show, but since then I think they've played a couple. 

I never met Jayni when she was in Brisbane even though I went to a few of her shows, but we did meet for the first time last year when my band Leavings was on tour in Singapore. Then, last December, I was on tour in Singapore again and I thought it would be interesting to talk to her about what it's like to organise DIY gigs in Singapore and how it compares to putting on shows in Australia, and also just what it's like to go from being really active in one music scene and then to move to a completely new scene in a completely different country with a different culture. 

AETHER Sessions on Instagram: instagram.com/aethersessions
AETHER Sessions Facebook: facebook.com/aethersessions
O Deer on Instagram: instagram.com/odeereedo
Through Forest and Field: https://throughforestandfield.bandcamp.com

I have a new Anquan record out now, it's called Fragrant Harbour and it's available everywhere now. It's on all the streaming services and bandcamp, and if you go and get it from Bandcamp there's a live set included with the download, which was recorded last year when I played in Hong Kong. 

Anquan bandcamp: http://anquan.bandcamp.com/
Sonic Vortex Vol. 1 (compilation of South-East Asian noise and experimental music):  https://mindblasting.wordpress.com/2020/01/25/sonic-vortex-volume-1/
Pancawala split (Coffee Faith, Dissonant, BRRR., DJ Miko, Anquan): https://mindblasting.wordpress.com/2020/01/01/pancawala-split/
Concrescence Records YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqKkFOv5-FOVTTbl0oojrfw









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#18: Jayni Wong (AETHER Sessions, O Deer)

#18: Jayni Wong (AETHER Sessions, O Deer)

Andrew Hartwig