DiscoverNow What18 George Floyd - Defunding the Police
18 George Floyd - Defunding the Police

18 George Floyd - Defunding the Police

Update: 2020-07-04


Host: Diane Gil

Co Host: Antonio Moore


Episode Introduction: In this episode of the ‘Now What’, Diane and her co-host Antonio Moore continue to talk about the continuing anti-racism protests following the death of George Floyd leading to a demand to defund police departments across the nation.


Episode Summary:

The podcast episode is a continued discussion of George Floyd in episodes 14 and 15. Our co-host Antonio shares the history of police dominance rooted back to American slavery and legalized segregation. There is also discussion about the legislation that allows for the continued racial profiling and the authority for police to be an active particpant in system racism without fear of consequences.


Key Concepts:

(1) Reforms: These talk about ways a "positive change" can be incorporated in the police conduct. Likely to increase police funding for technology and training. 


(2) Defunding: Is the reallocation and re-distribution of the police budgets which are heavily shielded by Police Unions. 


(3) Abolish: A complete elimination of the police as a means to an end. Abolitionist theory is to create a world and society where police are not needed at all. 


Main Takeaways:

  • Historically police were set up as slave patrols, which evolved in enforcing legalised segregation, and continued racial profiling and to maintain the oppression of black communities.
  • If you research the pattern, you will realise the system racism was built from the beginning.
  • Get informed on your local city and state elected officials. District Attorneys have significant discretion on whether police are charged with crimes. Demand answers to your state laws and funding of police. It’s okay if you don’t understand, keep asking questions.
  • Join organised movements such as Mijente, Black Lives Matter and Equal Justice Initiative to donate monetarily or with volunteering.


  • Participate in early voting happening now! Early voting determines your local officials who have the authority of decisions that directly impact police funding, the use of choke-holds, and so many important topics discussed in today’s episode.


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18 George Floyd - Defunding the Police

18 George Floyd - Defunding the Police