DiscoverMastering Agility#18. Answering listeners questions with Mike Cohn
#18. Answering listeners questions with Mike Cohn

#18. Answering listeners questions with Mike Cohn

Update: 2021-07-12


Estimation is hard. We forecast how much work we can take into the Sprint during Sprint Planning, but is still is exactly that: a forecast. We don’t know if we are correct. That’s the beauty of empiricism. We won’t know if we’re right or wrong until we observe the outcomes. And that is what makes this such a widely discussed topic. We always seem to have a need of being correct on forehand. We give listeners the opportunity to send in questions regarding planning and estimation, that Agile Royalty (according to Jeff Gothelf) Mike Cohn will answer! Listen now and find out!

What you’ll discover in this show:

-        Velocity is not a metric that displays quality or value

-        I find Krupananda Mannekunta’s name pretty hard to pronounce

-        Estimates can be useful to give a relative timeframe for long-term planning too

Mike Cohn

Owner of Mountain Goat Software, author, speaker, and consultant

As an in-demand agile and Scrum instructor, I train groups all over the world on how to adopt and succeed with agile software development using the Scrum framework.
 As an author, I've written three popular books on Scrum and agile: "Succeeding with Agile," "Agile Estimating and Planning" and "User Stories Applied for Agile Software Development."
 I'm co-founder and past chairperson of the non-profit Agile Alliance, and also co-founded and served on the board of directors of the non-profit Scrum Alliance.
 I started running projects with Scrum in 1995, working in domains from banking to aerospace to video game development, with companies ranging in size from 1 to 400,000.
 I served as VP of development at four different companies where agile was instrumental to their success. Three of those companies were startups, and the other was a Fortune 40 company.
 My hands-on experience means my Scrum and agile training and coaching is relevant to the real business world and not just theory.

  Contact Mike Cohn:

Sander Dur (host)

Scrum Master, Agile Coach, trainer, and podcast host for ‘Mastering Agility”

Sander Dur is a business agility enthusiast, with a passion for people. Whether it’s healthy product development, agile leadership, measurement, or psychological safety, Sander has the drive to enable organizations to the best of their abilities. He is an avid article writer, working on a book about Scrum Mastery from the Trenches, and is connecting listeners with the most influential people in the industry.


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#18. Answering listeners questions with Mike Cohn

#18. Answering listeners questions with Mike Cohn

Sander Dur