18. The Lens of Hope

18. The Lens of Hope

Update: 2020-12-14


In today’s episode we look at what it is to “see through the lens of HOPE”.  This is one of the three aspects of Intentional Optimism Tenet 1: Being Optimistic.

Intentional Optimism - a refresher [.57]

  • Optimistic - hopeful, positive, proactive
  • Present - having a sense of wonder, generous, kind/open
  • Courageous - lead, adventure, resilient
  • Energetic - industrious, energetic and life-focused
  • Wise - understanding, words, respect
  • Intentional - sense of purpose, plan, grow

Topics discussed in this episode: 

  • Hope is a filter through which we view the future. [2:01 ]
  • The Lens of Hope shows me possibilities. [3:42 ]
  • Hope allows me to truly change my perspective [6:00 ]

Now what?
Recap of the process: [9:53 ]

  1. Hope is a filter through which we view the future.  Do you believe tomorrow will be good? If so, do you doubt it? Why? Take a deeper, more meaningful look at our thoughts and beliefs in order to determine what is holding us back from believing this foundational concept.
  2. The Lens of  Hope shows me possibilities. Can you see possibilities? Do you doubt you have options?  Maybe you fear the options. Get curious and start asking who, what, when, where, why and how - let the answers surprise and encourage you.
  3. Hope allows me to truly change my perspective.  How narrow is your perspective? Do you doubt your perspective can change? Are you afraid of other people’s perspectives? SEEING other perspectives doesn’t require you to change your beliefs.  It opens up more possibilities for connection and understanding that are just not present when you don’t actually SEE.

Resources mentioned in this episode:
"Facing Future" by Israel (IZ) Kamakawiwo‘ole  [2:30 ]
Episode 3. Lee McCraw-Leavitt

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18. The Lens of Hope

18. The Lens of Hope

Andrea Johnson