DiscoverThe Jordan Harbinger Show180: Zvi Band | Success Is in Your Sphere
180: Zvi Band | Success Is in Your Sphere

180: Zvi Band | Success Is in Your Sphere

Update: 2019-04-028


Zvi Band (@skeevis) is the founder and CEO of Contactually, and author of the upcoming Success Is in Your Sphere: Leverage the Power of Relationships to Achieve Your Business Goals.

What We Discuss with Zvi Band:

  • Why your network isn't just some intangible asset you tend at your convenience -- it's a crucial resource you neglect at your peril.

  • Why a network is the best way to increase your luck surface area -- the number of chances you have to get lucky when things aren't going your way.

  • How and why relationships decay -- especially in this day and age when we're ostensibly connected to everyone we know on social media.

  • How to prioritize your relationships -- not merely organize them.

  • How you can easily add value to your network and relationships -- even if you've convinced yourself you've got nothing to offer.

  • And much more...

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Comments (6)

Fushu Mang

some stuff I really need to hear at this point in my life, thanks

Apr 8th

Jordan Harbinger

Fushu Mang You’re welcome. What did you like about this one?

Apr 10th

Jeff McCollister

"Did you say, meow?"

Apr 3rd

Dylan harmon

the "yo"s are killing me. 😬

Apr 2nd

Sarah M

Jordan Harbinger neat to see someone use something other than um :)

Jul 11th

Jordan Harbinger

Dylan harmon Haha I think I know what you mean... ;)

Apr 3rd
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180: Zvi Band | Success Is in Your Sphere

180: Zvi Band | Success Is in Your Sphere

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