DiscoverUnder The Skin with Russell Brand#180 Oneness Vs The 1% (with Vandana Shiva)
#180 Oneness Vs The 1% (with Vandana Shiva)

#180 Oneness Vs The 1% (with Vandana Shiva)

Update: 2021-04-107


This week’s guest on Under The Skin is Vandana Shiva. Vandana is an Indian scholar, food sovereignty advocate and environmental activist. Her latest book is called: Oneness VS the 1%: Shattering Illusions, Seeding Freedom.

This is an incredible podcast, with a very powerful, intelligent and wise human being. Vandana speaks about the dangers of big tech, corporate monopolies and their mission to colonise our lives and the earth. She explains to us how their perspective on land ownership, food production and innovation is all wrong, naming Bill Gates as one of the worst perpetrators.

Vandana gives her thoughts on what we should be doing, how we should be viewing the world and agriculture and encourages us to return to oneness rather than creating more division.

For more information on Vandana’s work and to take part in her online courses go to

Also please check out the documentary film about Vandana’s work “The Seeds of Vandana” here:

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#180 Oneness Vs The 1% (with Vandana Shiva)

#180 Oneness Vs The 1% (with Vandana Shiva)

Russell Brand