DiscoverUnder The Skin with Russell Brand#181 The Martyr of The Culture Wars (with Jordan Peterson)
#181 The Martyr of The Culture Wars (with Jordan Peterson)

#181 The Martyr of The Culture Wars (with Jordan Peterson)

Update: 2021-04-1611


Jordan Peterson returns for a third time on Under the Skin, but this one is much different than the others. For those who are new to Jordan, he is a professor of psychology and clinical psychologist. He is author of 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos and his latest book Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life is out now.

In this we discuss Jordan’s personal circumstances and the powerful effect community, friends and family had in his recovery. We cover everything from politics, spirituality and individualism, to how can it be possible to remain positive and optimistic when we often experience so much malevolence in the world? We debate the idea of progressivism and whether we should celebrate or be suspect of the progress societies and cultures have made. Are we being duped? I question Jordan on why he is so popular among men and why he is often criticised and disliked by women. We dissect some of those famous media interviews. A lot more than this is covered in this conversation, particularly in the second hour - you will have to listen to come to your own conclusions on these matters! 

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#181 The Martyr of The Culture Wars (with Jordan Peterson)

#181 The Martyr of The Culture Wars (with Jordan Peterson)

Russell Brand