DiscoverWhite Coat Investor Podcast183: Physician Moms and Their Finances
183: Physician Moms and Their Finances

183: Physician Moms and Their Finances

Update: 2020-11-05


Our guest today is Dr. Hala Sabry, the founder of the Physician Moms Group on Facebook. Who better to ask about physician moms and their finances than a physician mom managing a group with 75,000+ other physician mom members! We delve into lots of topics surrounding finances as a physician mom including infertility, child care, career changes, and gender wage gap. We talk about women in medicine.  Over 50% of medical students are now women. What implications will that have for the physician workforce? Women are often hesitant to negotiate when getting a new job. What can be done to encourage them to negotiate harder and avoid any negative consequences that could come from doing so?

Not everyone has this Instagram perfect life where they're beautiful and have no struggles. Our lives are hard, layered, and dynamic. Not only is medicine your profession, but it is your identity. Your worlds kind of collide as a physician mom and it is a lot of pressure. The truth is, it is not just women who are struggling. Men have the same issues, balancing life and work and all these other things but today's episode really focuses on them from a woman's perspective. 

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183: Physician Moms and Their Finances

183: Physician Moms and Their Finances

Dr. Jim Dahle of the White Coat Investor