DiscoverTimesuck with Dan Cummins185 - Pandemic: COVID-19 vs 1918 Spanish Flu
185 - Pandemic: COVID-19 vs 1918 Spanish Flu

185 - Pandemic: COVID-19 vs 1918 Spanish Flu

Update: 2020-03-3017


What the Hell is going on right now? Why is the world in lockdown? Today I try and answer some biology basics: What is a virus? What is a coronavirus? Why is the governmental reaction to COVID-19 so much more severe than it was to SARS back in 2003, or MERS in 2012, or the H1N1 outbreak of swine flu in 2009? I also interview Amy Ward, MS, RN, CIC, someone with a masters degree in infection prevention and epidemiology, to get a feel for what the medical community thinks of this pathogen. We break down how COVID-19 kills, what treatments are being explored, and I also go over a timeline of the 1918 Spanish flu to get a feel for how much worse that virus was and understand what we're trying to avoid with our current employment of "social distancing" and "shelter in place" measures. One of the most informative Sucks yet! Stay safe, and, this too shall pass. Hail Nimrod!  

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Comments (5)

Aaron Britton

Another very informative episode thanks Dan.

Apr 10th

Jonas Grumbie

hangs head, puts the Tonka truck back in the toy box

Apr 8th

Joseph Garcia

Putting things in simple terms for the conspiracy theory nuts

Apr 7th

Michael P Flynn

Gin 'n Tonic is a cure for Covid.

Apr 3rd

Michael P Flynn

Hey ya boob, bats have been biting sibbets for millennia and the Chinese have been eating both for centuries, and to dismiss this as a man-made that means you believe the Chinese crap. The Bio warfare factory is in Wuhan, every deadly virus in the passed 20 years has come out og that area. COVID-19s is also known as WUHAN 400.

Mar 31st








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185 - Pandemic: COVID-19 vs 1918 Spanish Flu

185 - Pandemic: COVID-19 vs 1918 Spanish Flu

Dan Cummins