185. Michael Valdes: Building Abundance

185. Michael Valdes: Building Abundance

Update: 2020-08-29


Today, I'm talking to Michael Valdes, the Executive Vice President of International Expansion at EXP Realty. Michael's main role at EXP is building on the current footprint of Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom and growing exponentially into other international markets. Before EXP, Michael was a senior vice president of Global Servicing for Realogy Corporation, where he oversaw the international servicing platform for all Realogy brands, including Century 21, Coldwell Banker, ERA, Better Homes & Garden, Corcoran, Climb, and Sotheby’s International Realty in 113 countries. Michael was with Realogy in a variety of roles for 15 years. And before his career in real estate, he was the director of private banking at Deutsche bank for just under a decade. There, he oversaw a book of business of just under $1 billion. Needless to say, Michael knows abundance. What Michael also knows his humble beginnings. Before coming to the United States, Michael's father was a political prisoner of Cuba. Michael grew up in a family where they worked hard for everything they had most inspiring about Michael is that he is warm. He's loving he's giving, and he clearly knows just one mindset. The mindset of abundance.

  • A big introduction of Michael Valdes (02:35 )
  • AREAA: What's it stand for (04:45 )
  • Shen Schulz: a friend of Michael & Jere (06:00 )
  • The lifestyle of Michael's parents & how did that affect the path of his real estate (13:29 )
  • Michael shares a little bit about being the most elite top in Miami (18:43 )
  • An interesting story of how the smallest gestures bring you business (23:30 )
  • How did Michael become an international business person (27:00 )
  • The biggest challenge of most real estate agents and how did Michael overcome it (35:20 )

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"It is one of the greatest successes when you actually see yourself contributing to change in somebody else's life. There are just no words for that. It just fills you so much."

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185. Michael Valdes: Building Abundance

185. Michael Valdes: Building Abundance

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