186 | Birthday Gifts

186 | Birthday Gifts

Update: 2019-06-255


Joshua and Ryan talk about birthday gifts, gifting experiences, their favorite consumables to give as gifts, and when it’s appropriate to give physical gifts, and they answer the following questions:

How do I set the appropriate expectations with my loved ones regarding the kinds of presents I prefer to gift? (05:08)

What are the most tactful methods for requesting specific gifts or no gifts at all? (16:43)

What does the ideal minimalist birthday party entail? (23:29)

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Loren Hamilton

Thank y'all so much for the brithday gifts episode. My friend's last year in her 20's birthday is coming up and there's been a lot of hype surrounding it. I've been struggling with what to get her because I have this reputation of being an excellent gift giver, however, this year I'm stumped. I've always been one to honor the non-obligatory/gift that adds value gift and while listening to this episode, I came up with the best idea thanks to y'all! She's been struggling in her dating life so I think I will take her on the best date of her life so she won't settle for these guys that don't want to put in any effort. I want her to start the last year in her 20's as a confident woman who knows her self-worth. Assisting her with this venture would be the best gift I could give her with an immense amount of value.

Jul 25th
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Elisabeth Ritter

The blond guy is probably a nice person, no doubt but harder to listen to, sometimes too pushy in his ways and that translates bad on the show (marketing the payable option with also the vibe "I have to do do this with a big smile" That can comes out not so genuine and rather offputting// after all you worked with sells so probably second skin to you which is OK but yeah//. Minimalism is attached to humility in my case so it JUST doesn't match. The dark hair guy is always a breeze of fresh air, positive and goofy lovable. That being said, I think this topic was a good one and I will keep listening to your show. Even if you repeat yourself (And I am not saying that you are) it is almost necessary to truly get our overwashed brains to implement something more meaningful and for this I thank you! Love you both! And sorry for not remembering face or names, it is a condition, Al pacino and Andy Garcia are also the same person to me :)

Jul 1st
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186 | Birthday Gifts

186 | Birthday Gifts

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