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189 How to Use Google My Business in your Dental Marketing Plan

189 How to Use Google My Business in your Dental Marketing Plan

Update: 2020-09-28


Hi everyone, and welcome to another episode of the Delivering WOW Dental Podcast. Today, we're talking about how to use Google My Business in your dental plan and I'm just so excited to be sharing this information. Oftentimes you hear me talking about social media marketing, you hear me talking about making relationships with other businesses in your community so that you can build those partnerships. But what we're talking about today is something that I haven't actually talked about before. And it really is how can you utilize Google My Business, which is a free tool, to be able to bring more exposure to your practice. And again, so excited about this, because this will be once implemented correctly, transformational for your practice.

Now you might be asking me, well, what is Google My Business? Or I've already got a Google My Business listing. And so Google My Business, if you're going to Google, Google My Business, you'll see where you can actually go in and you can customize your listing for your practice. So you can put in your practice hours. You can go ahead and put in a link. So if people are wanting an appointment, you can go ahead and put in an online scheduling link. You can go ahead and verify your location so that a map shows up when people are searching for your practice. But what many people do not really understand with it is that you have these other functions and options. And one is to be able to go ahead and upload photos or upload videos directly to Google My Business. Now you might be asking me, well, what's the big deal about that?

Well, number one, Google is of course the number one search engine and what many people are focused on and you'll hear out there is like, we want to get more Google reviews. And so there's a lot of emphasis on deciding, and I hear it in Facebook groups. Like what companies should you use to help you get more Google reviews? Or should we just take the review link that Google gives us and we just put it into our emails that we send to our patients? Like what's the steps and process? But imagine in addition to that, you have the ability to have real live video testimonials that you've gotten for patients or real video testimonials that you've gotten of patients actually sharing their experience. And so it's not just a review, it's actually a video. Well, you can actually do that with Google My Business.

Now as you're going to Google My Business, you may notice that there are some businesses that have videos that are showing up. So you go into a main Google feed and you will type in a name of a business, and in the middle section you'll see videos. So sometimes you'll see Facebook videos, sometimes you will see YouTube videos. What's interesting about these videos is that you cannot actually pay Google to put those there. Those videos are put there organically by you showing up and being consistent over time with doing videos, again, either on your social media profiles or on YouTube. And so this is something that you do have to work for, but what's really cool about Google My Business is that you have the ability on the right hand side below where your practice map will be, will be to actually go ahead and upload and give Google information to show.

So imagine for example, that you are doing a video testimony in your practice, you've given a great experience at the end of the visit. You ask your patient, how was your experience today? And they say awesome. And we say, you know what? We would love if you'd be willing to share a little video testimonial or share a video, or allow us to take a video with you sharing your experience today. There are a lot of people that are afraid to go to the dentist and it just might change someone's life. Now, as you're getting that video, typically it's not a Facebook Live. It's just a recorded video. A lot of times what we're thinking is, okay, well, what are we going to do with that video? And then you are posting it on your Facebook page, you can create an ad with it, get a lot of exposure.

But one thing that you can also do in addition to that is you can take that video and you can actually

directly upload it to Google My Business. And what's really cool is that again, when people are searching for your practice, they see your listing, now they'll see your video. So what's also very awesome as well is that you have the ability to put in a button. And so after you upload the video, you can put in a button which would be a learn more button or schedule an appointment button. And this is where you can put in links for people to go ahead and schedule online. You can send people to your funnel.

So maybe you have a patient talking about dental implants, or maybe you've done a tooth talk Thursday video, where you're doing an educational video about dental implants, again, repurposing that video. If you are uploading it to Facebook, you can use that download feature by using those three dots, you can download the video, you can reuse that video, uploading it directly to Google. And with that again, and utilizing the buttons feature, you have the ability for people to either call your practice directly, and most times they are searching on mobile. So they click that button, immediately calls from their phone. You can put in a learn more button. You can put in a button, for example, if you're talking about implants or Invisalign, if you're using funnels. That would be a great application for you to go ahead and put in your link where people can learn more about the service. They can perhaps see if they're a candidate, take a quick quiz and you can go ahead and capture their email to continue to send them information about your practice.

So again, so excited to share this information with you about Google My Business. It is a free way to be able to get exposure for your practice and to be able to let people learn more about you and allow you to, again, continue to become that authority in your practice. What's really cool, as well is that not many people know about this. And so when people are searching and they're going to other practices pages, they may have a listing there. Your listing will now have those videos. Also, as you're posting to social media, different things that you might be doing in your community, maybe you're doing a charity drive where you are collecting clothes for a local charity, go ahead and repost that on Google as well. And what it does, again, even if people are not participating, it continues to really let people know what you're known for. And so when they're searching, they have that ability to get a sense of how you serve the community, your culture, and again, having those video testimonials, getting those from your patients and reposting and repurposing them on Google is really huge.

Another little tip, a side tip, and we're not specifically talking about this today is actually repurposing your videos that you're doing for Facebook to YouTube as well. And so YouTube is a huge search engine. And so taking those videos and again, uploading them, looking at creating a YouTube channel, it doesn't take very long to go ahead and get those videos uploaded again. Whole nother strategy for YouTube, which we'll talk about in the future episode of how do you get people to see them, the keywords, et cetera. But again, today, we're talking all about Google My Business. And so if you've not yet done so, go ahead and head over, take a look at your Google My Business listing, and start posting your photos and your videos.

All right. So hopefully this was a really helpful tip for all of you. We love serving. And for me, my big calling and purpose is to help dentists understand how to be able to grow your practices faster so that you have time and financial freedom. And so that you are in a position to make a bigger impact on your team's lives, your community, your family, and your world. All right, thank you so much for listening. If you've yet already joined us inside of our Dental Boss Movement Facebook group, we have dentists who are coming together every single week for action taking, learning, and support. And we'd love to have you inside of our free community. To join us all you have to do is go to All right, guys, take care. We will chat soon. And until next time keep delivering Wow.

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Thanks so much for listening to this episode of the Delivering WOW Podcast with Dr. Anissa Holmes. We'll catch you next time.

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189 How to Use Google My Business in your Dental Marketing Plan

189 How to Use Google My Business in your Dental Marketing Plan