19. What's Your Gig?

19. What's Your Gig?

Update: 2018-10-02


Specialists used to work for businesses. Now businesses work for specialists.

There. We said it. Hello Gig Economy.

We're not here to sugar coat the changes coming to the business world - whether you find it scary, daunting or unfathomable. The gig economy is flourishing, and from our experience & insights we think this isn't just going to be a big facet of business here over the next 20 years, but the crux of it.

That's why we, as parents, need to consider this. Part of our job as parents is to ensure our family's basic needs are met. In this context, that means crafting, planning and managing our career to be both resilient and flexible. If we want to ensure our kids have a "good" start once they fly the coop at 18, we need to ensure (to the best of our abilities) that we're able to 1) provide for their basic needs until then and 2) set a good example of what resilient careers look like so they can better find their own.

In this podcast, we'll discuss not just the gig-economy and what it means to migrate our skill set into a contractor role, but how we can "be comfortable being uncomfortable" throughout these transitional years. Additionally, we'll focus on how we as parents can help build our kids now to step into a gig-economy based market that looks little like the employment progression of which we've become familiar.

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19. What's Your Gig?

19. What's Your Gig?

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