DiscoverThe Jordan Harbinger Show190: Guy Kawasaki | Life Lessons from a Wise Guy
190: Guy Kawasaki | Life Lessons from a Wise Guy

190: Guy Kawasaki | Life Lessons from a Wise Guy

Update: 2019-04-256


Guy Kawasaki (@GuyKawasaki) is the chief evangelist of Canva, was once the chief evangelist for Apple, and is the author of many paperbound books -- his latest is Wise Guy: Lessons from a Life.

What We Discuss with Guy Kawasaki:

  • How to focus on using the success of others as fuel for motivation rather than poison for envy.

  • How we can embrace the unknown when we're looking at new ideas for our business or career.

  • Why Guy believes it's better to be lucky than smart.

  • What we can and should -- and should not -- emulate from visionary leaders like Steve Jobs.

  • What Guy means when he says the key to career success is to get high and to the right -- even though we're in California, it's not what you might think!

  • And much more...

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yes sharp thinker but needs to curb his laughter at to come out n admit nepotism yikes! not a good move to throw ur hiring friend under bus, I guess once ur rich nothing else matters for some people. somewhat grey on ethical side exposed when he said just say yes, even if u don't know a skill, I kinda know what he was getting at(go getter yes attitude widely taught) but yeah ethics could be made an issue in lying to client/boss. J definitely keeps the flow on interview going it's y he is one of best interviewers out there. Good Job! enjoyed it

May 10th
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190: Guy Kawasaki | Life Lessons from a Wise Guy

190: Guy Kawasaki | Life Lessons from a Wise Guy

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