190 - Listeners

190 - Listeners

Update: 2021-06-1524


They know. They all know.

Featured podcasts in order of appearance: Criminal / The Sporkful / You Must Remember This / Oh No Ross & Carrie / TED Radio Hour / Comedy Bang! Bang! / My Brother, My Brother and Me / The Worst Idea of All Time / Bad With Money / Pod Save America / Underunderstood / The Allusionist / The Dollop / You’re Wrong About / The Purrrcast / LORE / Hello from the Magic Tavern / Whatever Happened to Pizza at McDonald’s? / Song Exploder / Maintenance Phase / Hidden Brain / Planet Money / 99% Invisible

The voice of Steve Carlsberg is Hal Lublin.

The voice of Michelle Nguyen is Kate Jones.

The voice of Deb is Meg Bashwiner.

Music: Chad Lawson (LORE segment); Martin Austwick (The Allusionist segment); Daniel Peterschmidt (Underunderstood segment); Andy Poland (Hello from the Magic Tavern segment); all other music by Disparition

Transcript available at http://welcometonightvale.com/transcripts

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Written by Joseph Fink & Jeffrey Cranor. Narrated by Cecil Baldwin. http://welcometonightvale.com

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Comments (11)

Theresa Lawrence

Oh my gosh, I love you guys! Happy 9th (9th!!) anniversary!

Sep 1st


this has been the best podcast crossover ever!

Jun 27th

alex sywolos

amazing episode! when Aaron from lore started I literally checked to see if one of his episodes had started playing by mistake I was so suprised!!! 7 year listener and happy to celebrate the 9th anniversary with you!!!

Jun 22nd


This was great. I def need to find the one podcast Iforgot about till I had heard that magnificent voice again.

Jun 16th
Reply (1)

Sheddar Cheese

oh wow! great episode!

Jun 15th

caffeine gremlin

I didn't expect a crossover, let alone one this big 😳

Jun 15th
Reply (1)

Curious Crow

Best crossovers in a podcast ever!!! This is just amazing!!

Jun 15th

Sarah Black White

Loved this episode. Bravo!

Jun 15th
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190 - Listeners

190 - Listeners

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