DiscoverThe Jordan Harbinger Show191: How to Out a Psycho Ex for Public Safety | Feedback Friday
191: How to Out a Psycho Ex for Public Safety | Feedback Friday

191: How to Out a Psycho Ex for Public Safety | Feedback Friday

Update: 2019-04-261


Outing a psycho ex who once violently assaulted you might seem like a mission of personal vindication that you’d like to feel is beneath you. But what if you’ve recently encountered them working in close proximity with people you care about? Is it your responsibility to out that psycho ex for the sake of public safety? If so, how do you do it safely? We’ll discuss this and much more in this episode.

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On This Week’s Feedback Friday, We Discuss:

  • Should you tell your uncle that one of his employees tried to strangle you seven years ago because the wife he was hiding found out about your fling?

  • You want to be as open and honest as possible, but you often can’t make sense of your own thoughts, let alone explain them to others. How can you better express yourself?

  • Has Los Angeles turned your once-favorite sibling into a monster, or are there other factors at play dictating why you can’t get along anymore during family visits?

  • How can you learn to be more understanding and less stubborn?

  • How do you deal with a friend who dominates conversations, lacks self-awareness, and is overly sensitive?

  • Since you often have to travel for work, how do you negotiate with your boss on staying a few extra days for vacation?

  • You make excellent money and live a lavish lifestyle, but your work is unfulfilling and most days are miserable. You can’t take time off to “find” yourself, so what can you do?

  • What’s the right way to tell your religiously devout family that you are no longer a true believer and won’t be getting married in a church?

  • Life Pro Tip: Make a great impression at a brand new job by documenting the whole training process in detail — this is often invaluable to small companies and startups.

  • Recommendation of the Week: Saudi Arabia Uncovered

  • Quick shoutout to Mike Posner’s Aide-de-camp, Cameron!

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love the Jordan advice so practical.,I was in pakistan in January 2019 for whole month, it's my origin n it's as liberal as dubai n people are super warm n friendly so let's not believe media hype. what' I dislike in pk culture is respect for parents is way too high even if they(parents) r wrong, kids don't have courage to spk out out of here respect.. all parents mean well but sometimes parents don't know well n don't bother asking like My uncle got super offended cuz I was on Keto diet n felt I was disrespectful towards food! haha..they believe medical things passed around on social media vs. actual medical journal tested stuff. young generation in pk is Lit, I'd say it's same for anywhere.. Public beheadings in KSA are usually against drug traffickers or capital punishment against worst killers/crimnals to give lesson to public for bad deeds bad consequences thingy. in USA we also do similar things, just diff format of capital punishment (indoor in quite room).

May 9th
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191: How to Out a Psycho Ex for Public Safety | Feedback Friday

191: How to Out a Psycho Ex for Public Safety | Feedback Friday

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