DiscoverThe Jordan Harbinger Show194: How to Be the Best Podcast Guest in the West | Feedback Friday
194: How to Be the Best Podcast Guest in the West | Feedback Friday

194: How to Be the Best Podcast Guest in the West | Feedback Friday

Update: 2019-05-03


Being a podcast host has its own set of dos and don'ts, but what does it take to be the best podcast guest in the west -- and east and all points in between? What will ensure that you're the podcast guest who gets invited back time and time again rather than thrown onto the booking agent's "do not call" pile? We've recruited our friend Bobbi Rebell of The Financial Grownup Podcast to give us the skinny.

And in case you didn't already know it, Jordan Harbinger (@JordanHarbinger) and Jason DeFillippo (@jpdef) banter and take your comments and questions for Feedback Friday right here every week! If you want us to answer your question, register your feedback, or tell your story on one of our upcoming weekly Feedback Friday episodes, drop us a line at Now let's dive in!

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On This Week's Feedback Friday, We Discuss:

  • Is undergoing cosmetic surgery to correct a physical trait that makes you insecure 24/7 a worthwhile investment or submission to excessive vanity?

  • As a manager, you love your company, salary, and benefits, but your passion isn't developing others to do their best. Without a college degree, what are your options?

  • One parent died from being in a medicine-shunning cult, and the other has a history of being abusive toward you. Should the loss of one automatically mend your issues with the other?

  • Is it reasonable to put your therapy visits on hold during a new job's six-month probationary period for better chance of retention?

  • You're facing prison and losing your job for being pulled over with less than a fifth of a gram of weed in your car (even though you weren't under the influence). How can you find the motivation to move on?

  • You left a part-time job you loved for a full-time job that pays more but doesn't enchant you in the same way. How do you know if you made the right decision?

  • When you're a guest on someone's podcast, how do you ensure they love you and invite you back -- and maybe make you a regular? Our friend Bobbi Rebell of The Financial Grownup Podcast has answers!

  • You're friendly and nice on the inside, but your face and body don't translate that message. How can you come across as less chilly when trying to network?

  • You got a no-strings-attached monetary gift from a kind person in your wind ensemble to repair your instrument, and you have $50 left over. What's the protocol for gracefully returning it?

  • Life Pro Tip: When your power goes out, pop your phone open and search for Wi-Fi in the area. If the list is empty or shorter than usual, then it's not just you that lost power. Another tip is to get a cheap UPS on Amazon to power your cable modem and Wi-Fi router. That way if the power does go out in your neighborhood, you can get online and figure out...
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Sarah M

Just to let people know Betterhelp helps internationally. I'm in Canada and have just signed up. Thanks to Jordan introducing me to them.

Jul 15th

Jordan Harbinger

Sarah M Great news on that.

Jul 16th

Sarah M

Sarah M oh and UPS can work well on your deep freezers or fridges too.

Jul 15th
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194: How to Be the Best Podcast Guest in the West | Feedback Friday

194: How to Be the Best Podcast Guest in the West | Feedback Friday

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