DiscoverWhite Coat Investor Podcast194: The Backdoor Roth IRA Made Easy
194: The Backdoor Roth IRA Made Easy

194: The Backdoor Roth IRA Made Easy

Update: 2021-01-212


Everyone should be contributing to a Roth IRA every year. This is retirement account space that you can't get back. Many of us need to contribute to the Roth IRA through the backdoor, which can be confusing. In this episode we discuss what a backdoor Roth IRA is, steps for successfully contributing to a backdoor Roth IRA, and how to fix errors that occur in each step. See full show notes here

For those who have mastered the backdoor Roth IRA we also answer listener questions about adding new asset classes to your investment plan, tax implications for inherited money, helping parents with financial advice, behavioral and math components to personal finance, legal issues concerning being recorded at work, and recharacterizing contributions you have made to your retirement accounts.

If you have not done your Roth IRA contribution yet this year, let this episode be the motivation to get it done.

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194: The Backdoor Roth IRA Made Easy

194: The Backdoor Roth IRA Made Easy

Dr. Jim Dahle of the White Coat Investor