DiscoverScaling UP! H2O198 The One Where We Revisit The Entrepreneurial Operating System
198 The One Where We Revisit The Entrepreneurial Operating System

198 The One Where We Revisit The Entrepreneurial Operating System

Update: 2021-06-11


On May 11, 2018, on Episode 38 Mark C. Winters the author of “Rocket Fuel ” was a guest on the show and he introduced the Scaling Up Nation to Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) in a blitz 100 level introductory course. Today I am pleased to have Mark C. Winters back on the podcast to walk us through his 200 level EOS course, which is all about communication. 

 If you are a new listener, or never had the chance to listen to Episode 38, please Efficiency, Human Energy, EOS, Entrepreneurial Operating System, Vision Alignment, Accountability Chart, Business Owners, Ego, Accountability, Visionary, Integrator, Communication Tools, Integrator Recruiting Firms, Rocket Fuel University, Integrator Academy Masterclass, Fractional Integrator, Business Owner, Accountability Chart, Networkingcheck it out today. It will immediately change your business, for the better.  

 In today’s episode, Mark C. Winters teaches us how the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) can specifically help businesses of 10-250 people climb a growth path to success, start their leadership teams with clear goals in mind, and confidently lay out which employee is going to do what to accomplish the company goals.  

 Additionally, Mark lays out the framework on how Visionaries (those who come up with the ideas) Integrators (those who make visions happen) can communicate better to take their companies to the next level. When Visionaries and Integrators have a great partnership, there is nothing they cannot do. 

Bottom line: Mark C. Winters gave my company the tools, confidence, and energy we needed to accomplish more than I could have ever envisioned before we connected.  

 Your roadside friend, as you travel from client to client.  




James’ Challenge: “Test free chlorine in a cooling tower immediately and again an hour later from the same open sample.” [2:55 ] 

Reintroducing EOS expert, and author of “Rocket Fuel ”, Mark C. Winters [6:45 ] 

Best ways for a Visionary and an Integrator to work together, communication tools [13:54 ] 

What do business owners need to know? [34:54 ] 

How do you go about finding an Integrator for your business? [46:08 ] 

Rocket Fuel University tools and networking [50:22 ] 

What’s the one thing you want everyone to know today? [55:00 ] 

“I Said This, You Heard That “, Temperament communication strategies by Kathleen Edelman [56:08 ] 

The 5 EOS Tools Mark uses to improve businesses [59:16 ] 


“Simply said: The Visionary makes it up and The Integrator makes it happen.” - Mark C. Winters 

“The worst thing we can do is to sit there stuck without moving forward.” - Mark C. Winters 

“The Same Page Meeting Tool is a way to address issues. We want to be 100% aligned on the issues. Be a united front. You don’t want to have conflict in the organization.” - Mark C. Winters  

“The great duos understand each other and play to how they are wired.” - Mark C. Winters 

“We’re all different, the more I can understand that, the more effective we can be together.” - Mark C. Winters 

“Understand each other better so we can do a better job getting to the truth and get aligned.” - Mark C. Winters 

“The Accountability Chart: it’s different from an org chart because it’s not about levels and titles, it’s about who is going to do it, and where the accountabilities lie.” - Mark C. Winters 

“As a business owner, you have two rights: 1.) you have your right to the shares of the profit and 2.) your voice in the major decisions of the business. You don’t have a right to be “an employee”, so if you are acting like an employee, you need to be the best solution to that issue or task.” - Mark C. Winters 

“Understand who you are. And then search for your compliment on the other side of you that loves all the things you hate and stink at.” - Mark C. Winters 

“The words we use are the gifts to the people who listen.” - Kathleen Edelman 

“Learning about the Temperaments has been a game-changer on how I communicate” - Trace Blackmore 

Mark C. Winters: 

Mark C. Winters on LinkedIn 

Rocket Fuel Video 

Rocket Fuel the Book  

Rocket Fuel Tools 

Visionary/Integrator Assessments 


Links Mentioned: 

Episode 38 The One That Shows Us How to Run Our Business w/ Mark Winters 

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Episode 117 with Kathleen Edelman 

Episode 179 with Kathleen Edelman 

I Said This, You Heard That  by Kathleen Edelman 

The Rising Tide Mastermind 

Kolbe Index  

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DiSC Assessment  



The Hang Networking Event- @6pm on June 10th 


Books Mentioned: 

Rocket Fuel the Book - by Mark C. Winters  

Traction - by Gino Wickman 

Who Not How: The Formula to Achieve Bigger Goals Through Accelerating Teamwork - by Dan Sullivan  

I Said This, You Heard That Study Guide - by Kathleen Edelman  

Strength Finder 2.0 - Tom Rath and Gallup  

What the Heck is EOS- by Gino Wickman and Tom Bouwer 


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198 The One Where We Revisit The Entrepreneurial Operating System

198 The One Where We Revisit The Entrepreneurial Operating System