DiscoverStrange and Unexplained with Daisy Eagan2: Vanished in the Bermuda Triangle
2: Vanished in the Bermuda Triangle

2: Vanished in the Bermuda Triangle

Update: 2021-04-0212


This week: Two stories of large groups of people vanishing—completely disappearing without a trace—in the world’s most notorious body of water: The Bermuda Triangle. Part 1 takes place LAST YEAR when a boat carrying about 20 passengers set sail from the Bahamas headed to Florida, but never made it. Part 2 tells the story of a routine test flight in which 6 planes and 27 airmen, yes, TWENTY SEVEN AIRMEN, lost contact with ground control and vanished without a trace of any human or plane every being recovered. Their final transmissions with the mainland alone will have you sleeping with the lights on. PLUS all the theories—some of them pretty bonkers—about what is going on there.

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Sherrie Brown Lucas

To the host of this podcast. I'd stay away from political comments on your show. I just gets everyone angry. I was angry with a couple of your comments. I didn't think, that's what this podcast was about.

Sep 8th

For The Love Of a HORSE

Did they happen to look 100ft from the dock or shore? At the bottom?

Aug 12th

Denise Batalha

*sigh* are you're super bffs with Gillian? Also, stop trying so hard.

Aug 5th

Christina Richards

study human trafficking much? 🙄 dude. I can't even dignify this with a full listen.

May 30th


stop screaming in ads, lol!!

May 6th

David Charles Luke Millis

interesting, BUT i dont need to know the podcaster's politics and her take on world events!

Apr 9th

Mark Lafhameyer

continuing to listen..... but it's apparent that history, religion, and politics are as important to you as the word science.... which, going by what you said in this episode, you dont understand... ugh. Sometimes, your podcast can just be about the topic instead of being loaded down with ridiculous radical politically driven op eds.

Apr 8th
Reply (1)

Mark Lafhameyer

Actually Obama and Democrat extremism/idiocy are how you elect a reality TV star which happened to be an extremly wealthy business man, first and foremost.... since you wanted to go there. ;) Now we have an idiot as president, so......waaay better, right?.... lol

Apr 8th
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2: Vanished in the Bermuda Triangle

2: Vanished in the Bermuda Triangle

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